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Matrixxneo User
12. Aug 2017, 08:35 Uhr

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Update v20170811:
Improvements to the 'New Information' lights on the Instruction Terminals.
Various improvements to the Ranked Mode menu, such as remembering the last challenge you attempted when returning from a challenge.
Various improvements to the Outfits menu, such as highlighting the currently equipped Outfit when entering.
Improved Demi animations on the Outfit menu.
Improvements to the Challenge Completion screen, including more satisfying S-Rank awards and the ability to speed up the whole animation.
Camera improvements, particularly when close to ceilings.
Drop Mine improvements.
Improved resolution list filtering.
Improved UI Feedback when you try to place a Checkpoint while not carrying any.
A minor tweak to the Gun Hunter AI.
Various Achievement fixes: The Dead Baron, Ruthless, Quick On Your Feet and An Inner Journey
Various fixes for Outfit unlocks
Restarting a challenge mode now resets your deployable checkpoints to 1.
Resource Management improvements while the game is minimised.
Various improvements to the Hint Strings in the tutorial levels.
Fixed a bug with the ending area of Beacon Challenges.
Improved messaging when picking up the Fog Core item in the Another Way level.
More robust AVX Checks for advanced SPU instructions.
Wall spikes will no longer kill you during Fragile challenges.
Fixes and improvements for the Super Weapon item.
Improvements to the level flow of the Initial Entry level.
Various collision tweaks in the Initial Entry level.
Removed an unintended shortcut in the Reflection level.
Extended the total dissipation and resistor field section in Reflections to help new players.
Made it impossible to use powerup items in the ending areas of the levels, meaning new players are less likely to waste powerups right as they get them.
Fixed a rare bug with the energy recharge in Supercharge challenges.
Fixed a audio bug with the dash charging SFX.
Various improvements to the Inventory screens.
Improved the signs and feedback in the Items menu for items that can be unequipped.
Fixed some VO that wasn't being triggered in the Initial Entry.
Various fixes for Simplified Chinese support.
Improved the challenge tutorials with some hint strings which pause the game allowing players to read and understand what is being taught.
Extended the pathfinder challenge tutorial to ensure player learn the rules better.
Visual improvements to the Another Way level.
Improvements to the instruction terminals in the hospital.
A whole host of improvements across the board for the UI in various aspect ratios. This includes much better support for ultrawide resolutions (although the DoubleID menu is still stretched - fix for this soon).
Improvements to the in-game HUD in ultrawide resolutions.
Fixed a bug with a frame perfect input that could be missed in a very rare case.
Fixes for the Arachtoids reset behaviour on respawns
Improvements to the resolution setting in the video options. The list should now be more complete and feature the aspect ratio.
Boosted the pickup radius of the Beacons in beacon challenges to make them a bit easier to collect.
...annnnnnnd a few other things


11. Aug 2017, 23:44 Uhr
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