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10. Okt 2018, 15:27 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.0.7:
"The Seed of Sorrow" quest didn't progress after the evil dialogue choice in the Capital Asylum. Resolution: fixed.
Several encounters had the wrong enemies at Oleg's Trading Post become infused with First World energies (last chapter state). Resolution: fixed.
Incorrect copies of Mim and Dragn NPCs could be found in the capital. Resolution: fixed.
The encounter at Poacher’s Hideout could become unfinishable. Resolution: fixed.
One of the cutscenes got stuck if Tristian was wounded and had zero Hit Points at Vordakai Tomb. Resolution: fixed.
Trade with Dumra was not available during the "Deal with the Devil" quest. Resolution: fixed.
Party couldn't move at Rill-and-Spill area. Resolution: fixed.
Solo completion for the "Other World" area was not supported. Resolution: fixed.
Some magical items could have issues with empty descriptions of their magical traits in the tooltips. Resolution: fixed.
User Interfaces
Days of the week could display incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.
There was no direct way to check the build version. Resolution: the build version has been added to the Main Menu.
The description for Enemy Difficulty settings didn't reveal all the mechanical elements altered by this option. Resolution: a more detailed description has been added for the Enemy Difficulty settings.
It was unclear and confusing that after defeating the main threat of the chapter, all of the kingdom events associated with that threat remained active. Resolution: after defeating the main threat of the chapter, all of the kingdom events associated with that threat are removed from the barony. In case there are too many of such events, the kingdom is considered damaged and its development is slowed down. This state can be removed with special new barony project.
It was not always clear that some events can destroy the kingdom if not addressed. Resolution: a more detailed description added for the events that damage the kingdom and projects that remove these events.
Valerie's quest ability "Valorous" provided Strength and Constitution bonuses instead of Strength and Charisma. Resolution: "Valorous" ability provides Strength and Charisma, as per description.
Metamagic rods didn't work for sorcerers. Resolution: fixed.
Enemy Difficulty settings affected saving throws twice - the first time by increasing the enemy ability scores and the second time with a specific bonus to saving throws. Such implementation forced players to avoid spells with saving throws on the higher difficulties. Resolution: Saving throws are now affected by the Enemy Difficulty settings only once by increasing of base ability scores.
New pack of localization fixes.
Some players have persistent issues loading game saves that we were unable to reproduce so far. After analyzing possible threats that may cause this issue we implemented improvements that hopefully would fix the problem.
Some players complained about being thrown out of the game and to the Main Menu while entering the Throne Room (including the exit while trying to rest at the capital). Resolution: fixed.

Update v1.0.6:
The Secluded Lodge area has an empty caption on the Global Map during the "Deal with the Devil" quest. Resolution: fixed.
The option to give an Emerald Necklace to Kimo was not available. Resolution: fixed.
"A Score to Settle" quest did not work correctly if the player met Ekun after Kargadd was killed. Resolution: fixed.
Some quest characters did not appear at the Capital Square during companion quests under certain circumstances. Resolution: fixed.

In some cases, players couldn't return Bartholomew his whip. Resolution: fixed.
Some players complained about a missing part of the Storyteller dialogue in the Throne Room – there was no option to sell mementos. Resolution: fixed.
Flintlock Grasslands area will no longer be inaccessible after all events are completed in that location (this is to reduce the size of save files).
In some cases, after the dialogue with Amiri at the end of Flintlock Grasslands only Amiri stayed under player's control - the rest of the party could go missing. Resolution: fixed.
Incorrect loot icon on the Map of Old Sycamore Dungeon (no loot was available, in fact). Resolution: fixed.
The wrong dialogue could start with captive Amiri at Flintlock Grasslands. Resolution: fixed.
Some area elements could be loaded incorrectly during the "Burying the Past" quest at Ruined Watchtower. Resolution: fixed.
Bartholomew's dialogue at Wizard's Laboratory could sometimes display incorrect answer options. Resolution: fixed.
One of the options in the dialogue with Alex Covenorb was recursive and didn't allow to end the dialogue. Resolution: fixed.
Bartholomew related events could become broken in case of his early death from the Troll/bandits/random monsters. Resolution: fixed.
The player could miss a few important doors at the Sepulcher of Forgotten Heroes area. Resolution: the doors are highlighted to draw the player's attention.

Save/load could corrupt items in the Baron's chest - they lost their magical features until the next save/load while they are in the party Inventory. Resolution: fixed. All items that were corrupted have been restored.
There were no options to learn feats to use the following exotic weapons: Dwarven Urgrosh, Gnome Hooked Hammer, Orc Double Axe, Two-bladed Sword. Resolution: "Exotic Weapon Proficiency" feat has the corresponding choices now.
Such exotic weapons as the Gnome Hooked Hammer, Orc Double Axe ? Sling Staff were not counted as special weapon for gnomes, half-orcs and halflings accordingly. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces
There were issues with "Combat text", "Party information in combat", "Enemy information in combat" (so called Overtips settings) and "Dialogue" settings : 1) players did not understand that these settings are stored within the save file; 2) the value of these settings could be changed by switching "Immersion Mode". Resolution: the Overtips and "Dialogue" settings are moved to "Difficulty" page of the Options. Difficulty page is no longer available form Main Menu.
Cleric couldn't be level-upped if there were no options in domain progression. Resolution: fixed.
Spells from another character’s spells list could show up during a caster level-up. Resolution: fixed.
Key binding for the tactical pause is displayed correctly in the tutorial message now.

The "Invincible Kingdom" option was added. When turned on, your barony or kingdom will not be destroyed even when its state drops below Crumbling. This option is switched on by default for the "Story mode" difficulty. Please note that story critical events tied to the main threat of the chapter can still destroy your kingdom! However, you will get several warnings before that happens.
The artisan Bokken would come every time you get to the Throne Room with the same dialogue. Resolution: fixed.
Different cutscenes would sometimes start at the same time at Throne Room. Resolution: fixed for all new save files. Be aware that the current saves may still suffer from this issue, unfortunately.
Some visitors (artisans) had wrong dialogues at Throne Room. Resolution: fixed.

Characters lost Protection From Energy effect after load. Resolution: fixed.
Wrong sound effects for druid wild shape transformations. Resolution: fixed.
New pack of localization fixes for FR, DE, ZH (mostly).

Update v1.0.5:
Tristian's dialogue may not work correctly during Saving Grace quest. Resolution: fixed.
If the player skips the first quest with Bartholomew and then returns with a whip, the incorrect dialogue is triggered. Resolution: fixed.
2nd Valerie romance event may not start and lock the party in the tavern instead. Resolution: fixed. Players already trapped in the tavern need to exit it for the event to start correctly.

Amiri may not appear in the beginning of Flintlock Grassland area and the story events don't start in this case. Resolution: fixed.
Amiri returns as not active companion after the events at Flintlock Grassland. If the player takes her into the party she may be not visible and not controllable. Resolution: fixed.
There may be infinite loading after entering the portal at Temple of the Elk. Resolution: fixed.
Bokken may disappear from Oleg's Tradind Post in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
Chief Sootscale can't be killed if the player returns to the first level of the Old Sycamore Dungeon after the "baronation" event. Resolution: fixed.
Tristian may not leave the location after meeting with Raven. Resolution: fixed.
Players are unable to reach the Hunting Grounds area - required for Ekun quest - if they decided not to participate in the Noble Safari event earlier. Resolution: fixed.
There may be issue with Tristian behavior at Vordakai's Tomb. Resolution: fixed.
The certain cutscene may freeze during the final fight at the first level of Vordakai's Tomb. Resolution: fixed.
Party may lack camp rations at Vordakai's Tomb. Resolution: camp rations are added at Vordakai's Tomb.
Loot can't be picked up at Ruins of the Old Tower area. Resolution: fixed.

The description for the Cloak of Resistance +2 stated that it gives +1 resistance bonus to saving throws despite it actually giving +2. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces
The wizard's list of spells includes spells from the previous levels during Level-Ups. Resolution: fixed.
Missing description for some abilities in class progression table for example for Sage Sorcerer. Resolution: class progression table was improved.
On of the Chinese character is missing in ZH localization. Resolution: fixed.
There is no option to see the day of the week (required for some quests). Resolution: the day of the week is available in the hourglass tooltip.
There are cases when quest's objectives are not visible in the Quest Journal, for example for Twice-Born Warlord quest. Resolution: fixed.
A bunch of new unique icons added (mostly for wands and potions).
The "Arcane spell failure chance" string is visible in divination casters spellbook. Resolution: the string is removed.
Amiri's portrait is doubled in party selection interface. Resolution: fixed.

When the boss of the chapter is defeated on the exact day she/he is supposed to destroy the kingdom, the corresponding event that is destroying your kingdom is removed.
Technic League Encampment is inaccessible during artisan's quest to get inubrix. Resolution: fixed.
If Kassil was chosen as an envoy and then was killed at Flintlock Grassland he might still appear during coronation event at Throne Room. Resolution: fixed.
Varnhold and Pitax settlements are not working. Resolution: fixed.

Jaethal is not immune to negative levels. Resolution: fixed.
Feyspeaker archetype of druid previously has orisons that wrongly based their DCs on Wisdom, instead of scaling off Charisma like all other Feyspeaker spells. Resolution: Feyspeaker orisons scale their DCs off Charisma.
At character creation, the game does not change stat recommendation for Feyspeaker, pointing the Wisdom as recommended and Charisma as not recommended. Resolution: Charisma is a recommended stat for Feyspeaker.
Vital Strike feat does not give the appropriate usable ability. Resolution: fixed.
Extra Arcane Pool feat does not increase the pool of Eldritch Scions. Resolution: fixed.
Weapon Training bonus isn't shown in the tooltips of attack rolls. Resolution: fixed.
Hideous Laughter requires target intelligence to be higher than 2 for you to be able to cast it. This, combined with penalties for Weak Enemies (default setting for enemy difficulty on Easy Mode and Story Mode), lead to the case that some enemies in this weakened state are too dumb to get the jokes. Resolution: fixed, the Hideous Laughter now takes only the base intelligence of the target into account.
Greater Vital Strike has the same description as normal Vital Strike. Resolution: Greater Vital Strike now has correct description.
Duelist Precise Strike has no description and is not visible in the class progression table and in the character ability list. It also works only for characters with a sneak attack. Resolution: both problems are fixed.
Players may select Point-Blank Master, Slashing Grace and Fencing Grace while not having Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialization with an appropriate weapon. This lead to the case when they see an empty list of available selection. Resolution: Slashing Grace now requires Weapon Focus with a one-handed slashing weapon, Fencing Grace requires Weapon Focus with a one-handed piercing weapon and Point Blank Master requires Weapon Specialization with a ranged weapon.
Freedom of Movement is classified as a Necromancy spell. Resolution: Freedom of Movement properly counts as an Abjuration spell now.

FX trails may work not correctly after multiple save/load. Resolution: fixed.
New pack of localization fixes for FR, DE, ZH.

There are reports of quits to the main menu when changing scenes on rare occasions. Resolution: more logging is added and a temporary workaround is implemented (there should be no quits but area lighting may not work correctly).

Update v1.0.4:
Hotfix Update #2
Dear Pathfinders,
The issue has been fixed. The correct Windows version of the hotfix is available starting from 10PM (PT timezone). Special thanks to Valve for supporting us at this late hour.
Huge apology for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!

Hotfix Update

Dear Pathfinders,
Unfortunately, there is a problem with the Windows version of the hotfix we’ve just uploaded. While the Mac and Linux versions function properly, the Windows build doesn’t have 80% of the fixes we’ve implemented since Monday. For those who want to know the details, the main issue is that at character generation and level-up UI, the list of spells have become invisible. The list is still there, you can still use them and click on them, but you cannot really see them except for the tooltips.
This happened due to a bug in our infrastructure, and, while we’ve already tracked it down and dealt with it, it will take several hours until the issue is completely resolved. As we speak, the servers at our studio are compiling the correct version of the hotfix for Windows. Once again, this issue should not concern our Mac and Linux users – as far as we know, all is fine in their versions of the hotfix. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and we’re doing our best to get it right this time.

Major Issues
No pre-order/Kickstarter rewards for the saves started before Hotfix 1.0.2. Resolution: rewards are available in the chest at Throne Room or Oleg's Trading Post.
Metamagic Rods are properly highlighted when activated and deactivated immediately on click (instead of waiting until the end of the round).

Jubilost's companion quest does not work correctly (character is teleported to the tavern at the wrong time). Resolution: fixed.
The dialogue could be broken at Inconsequent Debates area under certain conditions. Resolution: fixed.
Quest unit is absent at the location during the second Harrim companion quest. Resolution: fixed.
Poachers didn't start the conversation at the Poachers' Hideout. Resolution: fixed.

Jaethal`s death at the later chapters may cause the game over. Resolution: fixed.
Amiri doesn't appear at the end of Flintlock Grassland. Resolution: fixed.
Amiri doesn't return after Flintlock Grassland. Resolution: fixed.
Captured companion may stay prone visually after the combat starts at Technic League Encampment. Resolution: fixed.
Companion captured at Technic League Encampment may be invisible for several seconds after areas loading. Resolution: fixed.
Unable to talk to guard captain Hyland (Runaway Throne quest). Resolution: fixed
Some lootable corpses may look unnatural. Resolution: fixed.
Lighting setup issues at Sepulcher of Forgotten Heroes. Resolution: fixed.
Some players were able to acquire unlimited amount of gold in the Storyteller's dialogue. Resolution: fixed.

Necklace of Double Crosses doesn't add damage bonus to melee attacks. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces
Camera movement keys remapping doesn't works. Resolution: fixed (the rare bug when the camera starts moving on its own should be fixed too).
No way to check the animal companions stats. Resolution: animal companions sheet is now available by selecting the creature an pressing "C" (default binding).
An item may be incorrectly added to the sell list while clicking on mass-trading options at Vendor UI. Resolution: fixed.
Mass-trading options doesn't work correctly at Vendor UI - only visible items are added to sell list. Resolution: fixed.
The weight value may appear incorrect in sell list at Vendor UI. Resolution: fixed.
Hit points on the party portraits may not be updated under certain conditions. Resolution: fixed.
The issue with adjusting the party formation direction while moving the mouse with right button pressed. Resolution: fixed.

Several kingdom events in Troll Trouble and Season of Bloom chapters deal damage to kingdom stats less often.
Region claiming visualization is adjusted.

Scaled Fists receives their Draconic Fury ability at 4th level despite the description stating that they should have received it at 3rd. Resolution: Scaled Fist now receives Draconic Fury at 3rd level. Any Scaled Fist of already 3rd level will receive the Draconic Fury ability immediately upon loading the game.
Dueling Mastery requires Dodge instead of Weapon Finesse and did not give proper Shield Bonus to AC and initiative bonus. Resolution: fixed.
Back to Back feat does not work. Resolution: fixed.
Sword Saint Magus bonus to AC from Canny Defense does not recalculate when Intelligence were changing (recalculates only on level ups). Resolution: fixed.
Clerics used to have two copies of Raise Dead on 5th level of their spells, one of those copies without a name. Resolution: unnamed copy of Raise Dead was removed from clerics spell list.
Armored Swiftness applies extra +5 speed on each reload. Resolution: fixed.
Guidance works more than once for skillchecks. Resolution: fixed.

Aasimars don't get Celestial Resistance bonus. Resolution: fixed.
Disintegrated units are invisible after a resurrection. Resolution: fixed.
Use Magic Device DC for scrolls is 20 plus scroll's caster level. We considered it too high, especially since some scrolls like Remove Blindness have higher caster levels intentionally. Resolution: DC is changed to 20 plus scroll's spell level.
Jaethal's camping ability 'Undead Guardians' produces more than two skeletons. Resolution: fixed.
New pack of localization fixes for FR, DE, ZH.

There is an issue with changing Language and Graphic settings on some systems. Resolution: fixed.
Character doll appearance and some other visual elements spontaneously reset to default state. Resolution: fixed.
The graphic options resets to defaults every time the game starts. Resolution: fixed.

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