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Matrixxneo User
29. Jan 2019, 19:19 Uhr

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Update v1.2.1:
### New
* Added floating text when a unit gains a trait, overwatches, infiltrates or causes resource gains.
* Added shadows to icons through dynamic glow rendering for improved readability.

### Balance
* Increased Hive Crone morale from 6 to 12.
* Increased Haruspex armor from 6 to 8.
* Increased Haruspex hitpoints from 20 to 30.
* Reduced Haruspex morale from 12 to 6.
* Fixed Carnifex Bio-Plasma missing Blast.
* Increased Carnifex Spine Banks damage from 1 to 2.
* Fixed Hive Tyrant, Tyranid Prime and Tervigon not gaining Acid Blood upgrade.
* Fixed Strikedown trait not working.
* Fixed Mushling Bloom not working for Orkoid Fungus that has not been planted by the player with the upgrade.
* Increased cost of Astra Militarum city edicts from 20 influence to 40.
* Smoke Screen now consumes action and movement.
* Moved Basilisk research from tier 4 to 5.
* Moved Leman Russ Battle Tank research from tier 5 to 6.
* Moved Imperial Bastion research from tier 5 to 4.
* Reduced Tomb Blade cost by 25%.
* Reduced Canoptek Scarab's Entropic Strike max damage from hitpoints from 2.4 to 1.2, bringing it in line with Gauss.

### General
* Improved bark triggers.
* Cities now no longer give Synapse Link on acquired tiles, but gain a synapse range of 2 when upgraded with Ripper Dispersion (tile acquisition radius upgrade).
* Don't show "Achievements disabled." message for standalone version.
* Improved font rendering: faster game start, lower memory requirements, faster rendering.
* Now requires OpenGL 4.0.
* Updated localization files.

### AI
* Improved Tyranid AI hero ability usage.

### Bug Fixes
* Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when a city is destroyed.
* Fixed a crash that would occur when a unit would gain a weapon upgrade in the same frame as its animation changes.
* Fixed a crash related to a Fortress of Redemption missile effect.
* Fixed active order cancelling when a unit is healed by a trait or ability. This fixes Necrons hold position until healed cancelling each turn.
* Fixed some abilties not playing sound effects.
* Fixed some items not playing sound effects.
* Fixed sound effect not playing when capturing an artefact.
* Fixed some barks never appearing.
* Fixed neutral Orkoid Fungus receiving free Mushling Bloom upgrade after a certain amount of turns.
* Fixed Psychneuein infesting attackers.
* Fixed Synapse Link trait showing multiple times.
* Fixed Tyrannofex research not requiring Brood Haunt research.
* Fixed trait "turn" not being localized.
* Fixed trait duration greater than 1 not being plural.
* Fixed effect for Malanthrope Grasping Tail.
* Fixed effect for Malanthrope Toxic Miasma.
* Fixed Malanthrope melee attack animation.
* Fixed effect for Jokaero Digital Weapon.
* Fixed effect for Combat Stimulant.
* Fixed effect for Forbidden Knowledge.
* Fixed Vaul Sentry attack animation.
* Fixed Rapid Rise not costing any influence.
* Fixed AttainMaxUnitLevel achievement being unlocked when capturing a unit that has no levels, e.g. an artefact.
* Fixed several typos.

### Modding
* Added \<action soundFirstActingMemberOnly="1"> and \<action voiceSoundFirstActingMemberOnly="1">.
* Added \<radius> modifier effect.

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