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Matrixxneo User
11. Feb 2019, 13:04 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v20190211:
* Added sci-fi hologram objects to laboratory
* Fixed issue using Processed Soviten in multiple scenes
* Slightly reduced loading times
* Removed extraneous debugging
* Fixed an issue loading the laboratory level
* Fixed some typos

Update v20190209:
Added destroyable rock, pipe, and tower areas
Updated droids to be able to shoot things around the player
Increased amount of resolve from each enemy death
Fixed issue with Ion Drill bullets not colliding properly
Updated critters to use a "hive mind" (attack one and it may scream and call for help from nearby critters)
Updated player death sequence
Fixed issue updating Quick Menu after dropping item
Added more blood and damage particles during combat
Fixed issue with Sonic Grenade floating too high
Added ability to move slightly in the air while falling/jumping
Removed the ability to "Activate" certain throwable items when holding them
Updated so that first throwable item is automatically enabled (visible in the bottom right of the HUD)
Fixed various issues updating the inventory menu when interacting with or dropping items
Fixed issues equipping weapons from within the inventory menu
Updated Bioreserve to use more of the jumping mechanic (elevator is broken, more platforms, etc)
Added wall barriers in sensitive areas that trigger droid combat
Improved the look of particles for several weapons
Updated how the soviten zones look and work (there's no more damage)
Added large soviten rocks that can be destroyed to create a taller zone
Updated soviten zones to apply vertical force when there is no player input
Improved ease of movement in soviten zones
Fixed issue with some particles not triggering on enemy death
Updated a lot of sound effects in various areas
Fixed issues with certain objects hovering in the air
Added more statements for MQ that trigger in certain situations
Fixed explosives to cause damage and apply force by distance radius
Fixed issue with being able to save the game while falling (player must be on the ground)
Updated droids to use an evasive move when in combat
Updated more critters to separate into pieces on death
Fixed various navigation issues with the enemies
Increased flame thrower distance
Added a soviten puzzle to Quadrant 7 Storage level
Fixed issues using the Hacking Device to hack pin entries and terminals
Fixed issue with Laboratory location not showing up in the Investigation screen
Several tweaks to levels to help improve performance and chance for encounters with enemies
Updated the health meters to be larger, clearer, and more squarish
Fixed the resolve color to not use dark blue
Added a new structure to investigate in the Quadrant 7 area
Fixed issue exiting a tablet causing the player control to freeze
Fixed scrap shield image not showing up in player inventory menu
Fixed how some light sources appear as "orbish"
Fixed some animations for some critters
More polish on the terrains by painting certain areas to look more natural
Fixed some environmental 2D sound effects to be in 3D
Fixed issue waking up from dream and the screen not looking groggy/confused
Fixed issue with NXT explosive bouncing and rolling too far
Updated the look of the critter footstep particles
Added hologram objects in Laboratory level
Updated how player takes damage from critters (when poison collides with players instead of with the rising smoke)
Updated the Media Gallery Menu to auto-zoom on recently imported images
Fixed the speed of the player falling from great heights
Fixed issues not exiting terminals in certain cases
Fixed errors using explosives and other weapons when changing levels

Update v20190127:
Added transparent wings to some critters to look more scary
Fixed some enemy behaviors and improved aesthetics during death
Updated Key Binding menu to work with controllers
Updated enemy damage FX to happen more frequently and look more visceral
Updated damage for certain weapons to be handle "damage per second"
Updated animations when some enemies take damage
Updated player to show a blur effect when taking damage
Added more and updated floating green rocks outdoors
Updated player vocals to use normal sounding hurt sound FX
Fixed issues with certain buttons/keys not showing sprites in instructions
Fixed minor bug loading scenes in some levels

Update v20190121:
* Key Binding - In the main menu there is a very rough version of a way to handle key binding. It has some flaws (i.e. have to use ESC to exit it right now, doesn't quite work fully with controllers, etc) but we hope to iron all that out soon enough. It does work for keyboard/mouse at the moment and thought it might be useful, even in its current state.
* Weapons - Updated the first weapon in the game to be a flamethrower and the next to be an Ion Emulsifier/Power Sledge. This is to balance against the enemies in the beginning of the game.

* Updated datagraph data for weapons to be more useful
* Added slight trail to the powersledge
* Updated some sound fx for the powersledge
* Updated weapon soft lock to kick in from farther away
* Fixes to the enemies for re-positioning on uneven terrain, chasing the player, landing after flying attacks, more dramatic and random speed changes, impact ‘stuns’ interrupt… critter ‘shakes it off’ and keeps going or retreats
* Updates to critters to use a different sound for movement, power sledge registers an impact on critter
* Updated the scale of some enemies

Update v20190112:
More AI updates to improve combat feel and enemy behavior
Added more sound effects for sand beetles
Updated prologue screen colors and the look of the planet/storms
Updated main menu options to fade in a bit better
Updated sound effects in main menu for different options
Updated the look of the "bullets" in the game (particles last longer, trails are visible even when spamming, etc)
Fixed audio filtering issues in several areas of the game (with helmet on/off, etc)
Fixed some instructions to use the correct button mapping
Updated player to throw "grenades" with left hand when power sledge is equipped
Added more MQ narrative statements
Fixed reverb handling in the game (added subtle reverb outdoors)
Updated sky droid sounds

Update v20190104:
Added new outdoor skybox with improved lighting and atmosphere
Added radiation storm with radiation damage
Removed concept of time in game
Fixed issues rendering smoke particles
Added sticky bombs to levels
Added smoke bombs to levels
More updates to enemy AI, combat, and death events
Fixed various enemy navigation issues
Fixed colliders
Fixed logo not disappearing in Main Menu
Fixed errors picking up certain items
Updated Storage and Laboratory level to use different wall texture colors
Fixed text transmission layout
Fixed green radio laser beam in Quadrant 8 to only show up when radio is fixed
Fixed player location detection issues in the outdoor levels
Added more nests to the game
Updated nests to highlight in the investigation screen
Fixed issue walking while in the Help Menu
Fixed inconsistent controller navigation in Help Menu
Removed ability to open Help Menu when dying
More tweaks to the SkyDroid AI
Fixed various audio issues when changing scenes
Updated nests to be more difficult to destroy
Fixed issue refreshing instructions for Quick Menu
Fixed radiation hud layout

@Minusklicker.Hast wieder zu geschlagen xD .3 mal bisher heute :D .Hälst mich nicht davon ab weiterzumachen :D .Dein Profil leidet auch drunter :-*
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt 11. Feb 2019, 15:28 Uhr

Semen User
11. Feb 2019, 16:04 Uhr
Ich bin's nicht. Ich benutze den Minus Button schon lange nicht mehr. :D
Ich bekam meine Verwarnung vor Jahren, weil ich ein paar Proofs mit Minus bewertet habe.^^


11. Feb 2019, 12:16 Uhr
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