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6. Mär 2019, 12:53 Uhr

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Update v1.2.6c:
Nyrd Zottenropple didn't start a dialog with the player in the area "The Menagerie". Resolution: fixed.
Nyrissa could botch the resurrection of Tristian, Kalikke and Kanerah in their respective Tests of Loyalty and start talking to their lifeless bodies. Resolution: fixed.
Some players could get stuck in the kobold'c cage on the first level of the dungeon under the Old Sycamore. Resolution: fixed.

During Jaethal's second companion quest, "Chase My Shadow", siding with Enneo in the final dialog would result in a fight with an unkillable Jaethal. Resolution: this time, she won't be coming back (hopefully...).
The quest "An Amusement for the Nobles" could, in rare cases, end up with the hunt becoming unfinishable because of the dialog with Jamel Visser. Resolution: fixed.
During the "Investigate My Death" quest, at the "Thorn River Bank" area, the camera would pan outside the map bounds. Resolution: fixed.
The global map encounter that starts the second part of Tristian's companion quest ("Saving Grace") would not happen if the player already completed the quest "War of the River Kings". Resolution: fixed. If you have already finished the latter quest, but not the "Against All Odds" quest, the encounter will happen while travelling on the global map.

User Interfaces
If a character was standing in snow, snow would also be visible in their inventory screen. Resolution: fixed.
In the class progression screen, some of the previously chosen abilities didn't display correctly. Resolution: fixed.
In some cases, when there was only one character left in the party, the interface would incorrectly display who will be passing a skill check (i.e., during dialogs). Resolution: fixed.

After loading the game, shields' descriptions could stop showing their proper qualities (such as enchantments, etc.). Resolution: fixed.
Owners of the Ring of Circumstances could only activate up to 3 abilities at the same time, instead of 4. Resolution: fixed.

Hired dance instructors for centaurs to make their attack animations look less stiff and more natural.
Audio: party banter voiceovers in DLC2 didn't playback on the Global Map. Resolution: fixed.
Last Azlanti saves could in rare cases get overwritten when starting a new campaign in Last Azlanti mode. Resolution: fixed.

Update v1.2.5d:
When playing "Varnhold's Lot", a camping encounter could happen that breaks the game. Resolution: fixed.
When importing the results of the DLC into the main campaign, the import window would only allow the player to choose the last save file. Resolution: fixed.

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