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Matrixxneo User
9. Aug 2019, 09:04 Uhr
Von Steam

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Hello Diesel-Maniacs!
We've got a surprise for you: Update 1.2.10519 has arrived!
Enjoy new free content:
6 Door Cabs
Hydraulic Spring Compressor
Impact Wrench Chargers
New Mirrors
Internet Radio
and more!
Make sure to check out the changelog below for all the details!

If you like the changes, please drop us a positive review on Steam. They are extremely important to us!

Added 6 Door Cabs to each Truck model. Available in the Shop or the Scrapyard.
Added Long Beds to each Truck model. Available in the Shop or the Scrapyard.
Added Hydraulic Spring Compressor - from now on, it is necessary to compress all springs before assembling them.
Added Impact Wrench Chargers.
Added possibility to sell Impact Wrenches.
Added new Mirrors.
Added possibility to change any mirror.
Added support for Internet streaming radio. You can enable it by heading to Setting and pasting the link to the radio (like Simulator Radio: http://simulatorradio.stream/stream)
Players' character in Single Player mode does not have a Headlamp displayed on the model.
Added Race lobby.
Updated credits.
The yellow marker in the Shop that indicates which parts are necessary for the Order (quest) is no longer displayed if those particular pars have been purchased already.
Fixed bug with Shop parts having 17% rust.
The new color of parts purchased from the Shop is |Solid Hawkes Blue|.
Corrected Salen 77 Fenders' geometry.
12 inch Spring Lifts now have Left/Right variation descriptions.
Adjusted Doors' position on the racks.
Adjusted Salen 77 Bumpers' position on the racks.
Prompts are now displayed when trying to pick up the part, that can only be moved via the appropriate machine or Transfer tab on PC>Management.
Corrected Trucks' image previews on the Auction.
Added Rich Description of the machines (for the engine, transmission, and new machines). It's an in-game explanatory tutorial for machines.
Fixed an issue whereby the game would crash if players hit a particular spot on another truck too hard when landing from the jump.
Reduced Fan Followers' influence on the income from selling Trucks on the Auction.
Corrected Salen 77 Fenders' texts and UV maps.
Adjusted the deadline of Orders (quests) that require to change Tires and Wheels.
Fixed Mods' name display.
Added Loading progress bar fro joining the Multiplayer game.
Parts that fall out below the ground level are now spawned in the Delivery Area.
Corrected 12 Inch Rear Suspension entry in the Guide.
Fixed an issue whereby Screws outline wouldn't disappear after dropping the Impact Wrench.
Blocked possibility to remove parts from the Truck that is still loading when playing as a Client in Multiplayer mode.
Fixed an issue in Multiplayer mode whereby Buy button in Shop's Truck tab wouldn't activate with Red Beard's perk.
Fixed an issue whereby Missing Parts' list wouldn't scroll down on the gamepad.
Fixed an issue whereby strafing wouldn't work after checking Missing Parts.
Fixed an issue whereby Mouse Cursor wouldn't disappear after switching from Keyboard to Gamepad controls.
Fixed an issue whereby colors wouldn't match in Multiplayer mode after sending more than 3 parts at once.
Corrected visibility of skeletal meshes and chains on engines for Clients in the Multiplayer mode.
Fixed an issue whereby the Steering Wheel could be painted when painting the Cab.
Fixed an issue whereby attempting to drop the Impact Wrench when it interferes with the Truck would result in the disappearance of Screws.
Blocked possibility to place the Stairs when interfering with the Truck.
Transmission Jack now unlocks after moving the Truck from the Lift.
Fixed an issue with the Rear Axle Shaft that would be added to a random Mid Frame after loading.
Added possibility to assemble Mid Frame Shafts without screwing and then screwing them all at once.
Corrected information about Auctions' opening and closing hours in the Singleplayer mode.
Fixed an issue whereby Players could enter Auction's Sell mode without having any Truck, which would result in losing $2000.
Fixed an issue whereby the sound of successful purchase would be played even if the purchase of the Truck was unsuccessful due to the full backyard.
Fixed an issue with low opacity Stickers that would seem to have their opacity higher until placing another Sticker.
Fixed an issue whereby getting back from the Decals Shop to the Garage could result in Mouse Cursor not disappearing and the Camera not moving.
Fixed an issue with the Lock on Part feature, which in some cases would lock on incorrect Screws.
Fixed an issue whereby a prompt would be displayed informing the player to press [E] to close the Hood, even though it was unscrewed.
Fixed an issue whereby the player could enter the Scrapyard between 0 a.m. and 4 a.m. if traveling via gate.
Please remember to drop us a review on Steam, if you're satisfied with the changes. And keep feeding us with your awesome suggestions!

Stay tuned. Stay diesel!

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