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Matrixxneo User
9. Aug 2019, 20:48 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.0.3.132:
Players can now sleep at campfires to fast-forward time. This automatically becomes available after a few loops.

Updated writing, art, and level design across multiple planets to clarify the solution to the Ash Twin Project mystery:
Updated writing (and ship log entries) for the Black Hole Forge, High Energy Lab, White Hole Station, Nomai Mines, and Hollow’s Lantern.
Art and design changes for the Black Hole Forge and the area around it, including a different mural.
Art and design tweaks for the High Energy Lab, including a new mural, better gravity alignment, and other minor art fixes.
Art and design changes on Ash Twin, including a new mural and some architectural tweaks.
Updated writing for the Sun Station and Interloper to clarify a certain story beat.

Additional improvements to the key rebinding system.
It now registers more keyboard keys and controller axes (as in: more than one axis). New binds work immediately, but aren't saved until you specifically press Save and Exit.

Support for ultrawide resolutions and other aspect ratios
Proper scaling for the HUD, reticle, map labels, and lock-on UI elements.

Added support for 4k on the XBox One X

Added support for user-customizable FOV

Continue reading below if you want to know what else made it in!

Design Improvements
Slightly more speed is retained when traveling through a certain area in Dark Bramble.
It is no longer possible to activate the "put me outside" feature of a specific Nomai device until it is necessary to do so.
Player ship less likely to fall into the sun after falling through the black hole.
Added dialogue to later Gabbro conversations to alleviate Archeologist achievement issues.
Translator tool is less likely to accidentally skip over unread Nomai text.
Translator tool now has page numbers.
A Nomai computer in a certain room stays activated even after the orb moves away.
Relocated fuel stash on the surface of Brittle Hollow for easier discoverability.
Removed extraneous gravity crystal path inside a building on Giant's Deep.
The ship’s eject button no longer allows players to bypass electricity on Giant's Deep.
Miscellaneous writing tweaks, including tweaks to several Hearthians.

Profiles, Saves, and UI
Deleting a profile from the menu now properly deletes associated files
New profiles will now only copy over graphic settings, instead of all settings
Profile Creation window now doesn't respond to Q/E hotkeys for Submit and Default
Options menu will only save over settings data if something was changed.
Save data will be created in a temp directory first, and then overwrite the current save file.
Fixed returning to the settings menu from the key rebinding menu not selecting any menu options
The "Reset to Defaults" menu option now sets all settings to default, including graphics settings.
Fixed some UI elements not aligning to scaled text
The "Discard Changes" button has been renamed to "Discard Changes then Exit Menu"
Sliders in the options menu have new graphics and display numeric values when adjusting FOV and Gamma
Gamma will now change as it is adjusted in the settings menu, instead of only when the change is saved.
Fixed mouse behavior with various menu items (sliders, multiple option settings, etc)
Updated keyboard button prompt icons and layout to improve visibility of certain prompts
Fixed sound effect issues on menu elements

Minor Fixes and Adjustments
Reduced jitter when zooming in with the signalscope
Signalscope UI element now animates on zoom
"Mark on HUD" and "Scroll Text" prompts in the ship log are 1.5x larger
Fixes for the player ship's lights being on or off at the wrong times
Changed the player ship's altimeter to be more visible in landing camera mode.
Fixed bugs with the player ship's notification display
Notifications on the player ship and HUD should update more consistently now
Fixed foliage in the player ship
Fixed the player ship’s landing camera view not properly showing warp fog, quantum fog, sand, and clouds.
Fixed player character popping during certain animations.
Improvements to keep the traveler's signals in sync.
Adjusted Brittle Hollow fragments so they would not clip through the eye shrine area in the Hanging City.
XB1: Fixed a bug involving an Xbox System Resume causing unwanted controller behavior
The sun's fog should no longer override the Hourglass Twins' fog.
Fixed occasionally falling off of the gravity crystal trails on Brittle Hollow
Fixed a bug where default hotkeys were not being applied.
More memory leak fixes.
Optimizations on the title screen, Dark Bramble, and player ship
Adjusted jetpack behavior to reduce jitter in certain situations.
Fixed warp platforms to allow the scout to warp through them again.
Fixed several missing arcs of text across the game.
Fixing geometry and visuals on the Orbital Probe Cannon
Toned down lights on the Orbital Probe Cannon
Minor changes to some areas on Giant's Deep to prevent players from getting stuck
Improved visual interaction of tractor beams and Giants Deep ocean shader
Adjusted some sandfall visuals in certain places around the Hourglass Twins
Fixed small art bugs (clipping meshes, seams) on the Hourglass Twins
Lighting pass on various characters and Nomai objects
Fixed missing nomai shuttle props
Fixing collision on certain Nomai objects
Adjusted art for certain Nomai objects
Minor art and collision adjustments on BrittleHollow
Adjusted vine geometry in Dark Bramble.
Removed extraneous fog light from Dark Bramble
Disabled certain shadows in dark bramble for low/medium quality settings
Fixed a seam on the Quantum Moon
Optimized materials for the player's tools and HUD helmet


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