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Matrixxneo User
19. Aug 2019, 21:18 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.0.34:
-Fixed game freeze when changing font size in certain languages
-Fixed chinese character names and tips display, changed to clearer font

Update v1.0.33:
-Fixed dismantle button missing from turret info datapanel if upgradeable
-Fixed crash in Escape Cannibal Cage tutorial
-Chinese update, new font

Update v1.0.32;
-Fixed clothing being chosen for characters before race limiter is set up
-Fixed boots spawning on characters with no legs
-Fixed boot slot not being disabled for characters spawned with no legs
-Fixed crash when making savegame names ending in ...
-Fixed getting stealth xp when in a cage
-Random crash fix
-French and chinese update

Update v1.0.31:
-Chinese language option added
-Fixed problem with the FCS def files if system decimal separator is a comma
-Kral's chosen and Band of Bones no longer go to the Border Zone

Update v1.0.30:
-Fixed robot limbs spawned on characters not behaving as robot limbs
-Fixed removing an arm of carried characters causing them to be dropped
-Fixed crash in the FCS when creating new items

Update v1.0.29:
-Fixed a random crash
-Fix for some situations where a carried person would never get put down if they died
-Passive characters wont fire turrets unless attacked
-Fixed dropping items onto portraits when view is scrolled

Update v1.0.28:
-Japanese translation rollback to v1.0.22, last known best version. There is currently a mix-up with the japanese translation that we are working to fix, but we're not doing well because we don't understand japanese.

Update v1.0.27:
-Japanese language update

Update v1.0.26:
-Fixed crash if combat is cleared in an EV_I_DEFEATED_SQUAD dialogue event
-Fixed characters having incorrect voice after changing race/gender in the character editor
-Fixed kidnap order on wild animals
-Added a new save logging system to help debug any save/load related problems
-Finally fixed the blood spider attack range
-Existing translations can be exported as gamedata.po
-Fixed exporting multi-line translated strings when exporting gamedata.po
-Added 'no longer used' description for deprecated values
Update v1.0.25:
-Fixed crash if missing save folder
-Fixed limb stumps causing crash when changing race in character editor
-Fixed a few minor town guards that didn't respond to attacks

Update v1.024:
-A rare crashfix
-Fixed crash added in last update, if character has no clothing
-Fixed possible towns having null faction
-Removed unplaceable towns from town list in ingame editor

Update v1.0.23:
-Fixed toggling block,hold,passive,jobs buttons not always working as expected
-Fixed stealth KO animation restarting without moving if you try to KO someone else
-Added "toggle HOLD" keybind
-Characters spawning with robot limbs can be optional
-Fixed all limbs being missing for characters spawned with at least one robot limb
-Japanese translation complete

Update v1.0.22:
-Changes to save file system to attempt to reduce saving errors caused by windows file locks
-Fixed NPC's hitting many times at once if you get in a cage during their attack, causing instant death
-Fixed player orders to bash gate
-Fixed override towns not updating public state, which could result in aggressive town AI after a faction takeover
-Fixed items in buildings being unowned if you import the game inside a building
-Fixed crash if modded skeleton files are missing
-Fixed a crash in character editor
-Added a check all/active/none button to mod selection
-Characters can be spawned with robot limbs
-Fixed a crash exporting translations
-updated gamedata.pot
-Japanese update

Update v1.0.21:
-Tweaked missing item mesh fallback again
-Fixed backpack contents not being imported for backpacks in containers
-Fixed overriding newland/land/textures path in mods
-Error message when game fails to detect a mouse
-Fixed mod crash if character model is missing
-Added error message for missing character model so you know why you are being attacked by something invisible
We will be focusing the next update(s) on the save issues

Update v1.0.20:
-Fix for some cases where a base raid wouldn't leave
-fix for some cases where the carrying/bed/cage states could get mixed up resulting in the wrong context menu commands showing on a character
-Fixed crash loading a physical item with non-existant mesh file
-Fixed crash when loading character in bed where the target is not a bed

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19. Aug 2019, 21:14 Uhr
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