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Matrixxneo User
11. Sep 2019, 08:12 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v20190910:
Quest & Progression
Fixed an issue where the user is not given the Wildland Whistle at the Adventurers’ Guild after disabling Party Chatter
Fixed collision around certain puzzles and ledges that were allowing the player to fall out of bounds in certain circumstances
Fixed messaging for when the player does not have a lockpick in their inventory they will not be informed about it being required to open locked doors

Added various art optimizations, collision, and asset loading improvements
Improved performance when player opens and closes inventory windows
Grass is now once again growing in the Forest of Inshriach
(PC) Improved NPC shadows and fixed High and Ultra shadow settings
(PC) Lighting adjusted throughout Skara Brae Above, Skara Brae Below, and The Cellars of Kylearan's Tower
(Xbox One and PS4) Improved framerate in various levels

Fixed an issue where rapidly issuing commands may cause one of the spaces on the combat grid to become locked
Fix for Forceful Wave attack that may cause the character's position to get out of sync
Fixed certain issues where charging specific enemies could result in players getting stuck on the environment or produce a misaligned combat grid
Fixed an issue where loading an auto save created before a combat animatic could stop the following combat from occurring
Fixed an issue where enemies could fail to launch Mangar’s Mind Jab
(Linux) Fixed an issue where enemies in any combat could respawn after reloading the level

Removed the Save Game option during animatics
Fixes and improvements for various party chatter moments
Fixed issues where using songs to quickly solve multiple puzzles could cause the puzzles to break
Fixed an issue where translation was missing for the 2nd riddle statue in Kylearan's tower
Fixed an issue in Mangar’s Tower where subtitles and VO would fail when ghosts were summoned and interacted with for the first time
Fixed an issue where music from loading screen would play during gameplay after a load or level transition
Fixed various minor audio issues
(PC) Fixed an issue where using the 'Esc' key to close the Mastery Book could break its intended functionality
(PC Microsoft Store) Fixed issues with signing in and syncing saves
(Mac and Linux) Fixed an issue where all load-game story videos were missing
(Linux) Fixed an issue where Rabbie's speech did not have voice or subtitles

Fixed a possible crash during the 99-wave combat
Fixed a possible crash when using the Dragon Breath ability


11. Sep 2019, 01:13 Uhr
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