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Homer_J._Simpson User
22. Sep 2020, 09:06 Uhr
Patch Notes
[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Crash Fixes
Fixed a crash in NetPresenceManager that some players experienced when entering the game or the benchmark from the main menu
Fixed a crash where the Steam SDK could crash on initialization when the game executable was started directly from installation folder rather than through Steam
Fixed a crash which would occur if the player pressed ‘Stop’ in Steam immediately after pressing ‘Play’
Fixed a startup crash when using Avast antivirus
Fixed a crash that could occur when VRAM was about to be oversubscribed

Graphical Improvements
Fixed an issue with Aloy’s hair not displaying correctly when the game is running above 30 FPS
Shader animations (e.g. hologram locks on doors, GAIA in cinematics, etc.) are no longer locked to 30 FPS, but running at unlocked framerate
Fixed an issue with flickering textures in main quest “A Gift from the Past”
Fixed an issue with flickering snow assets
Fixed an issue with flickering paintings in Song’s Edge
Fixed graphical corruption issues that only occurred on specific GPUs
Fixed an issue where the game would open in windowed mode instead of fullscreen when the player is using another window when booting the game
Fixed an issue where the game would not run in the correct resolution when switching from windowed to fullscreen
Added an option to turn off “blurry sidebars” in ultrawide resolutions and display black sidebars instead

Other Improvements
Allow players to still boot the game even if the version of windows used is detected to be too low to run the game at a stable condition
Added an option to turn off controller vibration/rumble
Fixed an issue in the storing of the ‘permission to track data’ attribute of the player profile (subsequently re-asking for said permission)
Fixed an issue where the opening cutscene music would not play if the player quits out and immediately begins a new game
Fixed an issue where inverting mouse controls also affected dialog tree choice input

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