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The API and the documentation about it are currently in a state of flux. You can contact the developers if you need more information.

Please write xREL correctly!
  • While you might use xrel or xrelease, please do not use xRel, xReL, Xrel or something like this. It's xREL!

Can you implement function X?
  • Probably! Just ask :)

What framework implementations are available?

Are "Login with xREL" buttons available?
  • Yes, please see here for a few examples.

What is the difference between API v1 and v2?
  • API v1 uses OAuth 1.0, while v2 uses OAuth 2.0. API v1 is considered deprecated, and will not be updated with new features. It is recommended to upgrade to API v2. If you need to use the old API, its base URL is http://api.xrel.to/api/.

Why do all my requests fail?
  • Make sure that you use HTTPS.

Who do my POST requests always fail?
  • Make sure to set the Content-Type HTTP header to application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

Who do I receive a decryption error with oauth2/token?
  • Please make sure to URL encode the code (and later on the refresh_token) parameter.

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