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Matrixxneo User
21. Apr 2017, 08:51 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.03:
Bugfixes & Improvements
”Game+” does not remove items anymore when starting new Game+
New Game+ after Game+ now possible
Fixed Inventory getting filled with invisible items
Runes can now be sold
New Game+ now keeps the level up points invested (damage, armor, health, elementeal resistance)
Fixed Blocker with closed doors at fire giants
Fixed Blocker at "Eternal Well" with built ship but impossible to sail to Fron
Fixed rare blocker with inactive merchants and no boat available
Fixed Script at Skallagrim to upgrade ship
Fixed exploitable hitchain objects
Fixed Weapon getting big for a short time when switching
Fixed Artifact weapons disappear when assembled while having full inventory
Fixed Dual-wield first skill exploitable
Fixed Iron Guardian boss
Fixed rare Game freeze in final cutscene
Fixed Tutorial not being displayed anymore in NG+
Fixed 20 Second Rage Achievement not unlocking
Added: Controller support for game-launcher
Added: Players are now able to destroy runes
NG+ does not trigger rage tutorial anymore during cutscene, when rage bar is full
Added missing stats on "Belt of Giant Strength"
Added missing sound effect on Jokul kill
Fixed issue with Runes displayed with -1 count
Reviving with mouse and keyboard gives better visual feedback now
Fixed miscalculation leading to endless rage mode on higher levels
Fixed ability to slot runes into gear
Added information on item limit in mouse and keyboard inventory
Game does enter multiplayer game/s even when invited and game is not running
Fixed a stack number mistakenly shown on weapon instead on rune at runesmith when playing with mouse and keyboard
Xbox One Controller now works properly when other controller/s are/were connected
Fixed a rare bug which disabled skipping the first two cutscenes with controller
Player is now notified properly about full inventory, when crafting new items

Known issues
Blessings of the Aesir Achievement not unlocking
Hunt Achievement not triggering
Selected Tattoos (or no Tattoos) in Character creation can not look properly ingame
Not enough Haugbuis spawning after solving puzzle in “Hunt Haugbuis”
Several localization issues
There is no text in the warning pop-up about starting the NG+ in Russian localization
Trashcan item in mouse and keyboard UI hides item count number

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21. Apr 2017, 04:36 Uhr
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