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MOGLi User
13. Sep 2017, 11:46 Uhr
Ich gehe davon aus, dass hier der Ordnung wegen noch ein DiRFiX kommt, weil der Bindestrich (zw. Mayhem und Update) da nichts zu suchen hat.

PS @ Minus-Klicker: Euch sind die Rules unbekannt, was?
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt 13. Sep 2017, 12:50 Uhr

IceCold What the hell?
13. Sep 2017, 12:36 Uhr
Patch v1.03 Notes
[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]


• Fixed enemy and vehicle spawning issues in missions (failed to spawn, spawning in unreachable areas, inside props, etc)
• Fixed issue with dungeon doors not opening when mission objective updates
• Fixed infinite load that could occur if player warps to ARK using Hub Menu while driving at high speeds during an Agent Personal mission
• Fixed crash that could occur after restarting from checkpoint when all agents were downed in combat
• Fixed soft crash that could lock out player controls when restarting from checkpoint immediately before a video playback
• Fixed rare inability to load more than one mission in mission replay
• Fixed possible crash when teleporting to the ARK during a mission replay post-game


• Spinoff 2 – Fixed issue where player could fail for “leaving area” despite countdown being cleared
• ARK Tutorial – Fixed issue where players could incorrectly receive resources for Gutterball Tech multiple times
• ARK Tutorial – Fixed soft crash that could occur if player spent too much money or materials on Gremlin Tech when given materials to build “Crowd Pleaser” LEGION Tech
• ARK Tutorial – Fixed soft crash that could occur if player exits game after building Gutterball Gremlin Tech then loads that save game
• Heaven Sent 1 – Fixed issue where player could spawn multiple LEGION vehicles by leaving planetarium then returning
• Heaven Sent 2 – Fixed crash that could occur while transitioning to dungeon
• Heaven Sent 2 – Fixed infinite load that could occur if replaying the mission back to back in post-game
• Heaven Sent 2 – Fixed issue with mission objectives not updating correctly
• Heaven Sent 3 – Fixed soft crash that could occur when player attempts to start open world dungeon during third checkpoint of space laser portion of mission
• Heaven Sent 3 – Fixed issue where Hammersmith could barely hit player if they stood still
• Heaven Sent 3 – Fixed issue where Plasma Turrets could fire through force fields
• Star Power 1 – Fixed issue preventing player from progressing if they leave the room without hacking
• Star Power 1 – Fixed loss of controller functionality if intro cinematic skipped at certain time
• Star Power 3 – Fixed crash if player moves near Gaunt immediately following cinematic that introduces boss fight
• Star Power 3 – Fixed soft crash that could occur when returning to the ARK after running out of time during the race
• Red Queen 1 – Fixed issue where enemy vehicle could be prematurely destroyed
• Red Queen 3 – Fixed issue where AISHA could stop taking damage
• Madhouse 2 – fixed issue with overlapping Friday dialogue
• Madhouse 3 – Fixed issue with missing Boombot enemy spawns
• Madhouse 3 – Fixed rendering soft crash that could occur if player dies right as Gremlin tank health zeroes out
• Damocles 3 – Fixed crash when driving near TTX during mission
• Damocles 4 – Fixed issue where player could fail the final objective while credits were playing
• Rama Unlock – Fixed Agent vehicle not spawning during second hack objective
• Rama Unlock – Fixed progression blocker after third hacking objective
• Rama Unlock – Fixed an issue where player is unable to re-enter Gremlin workshop after completion of mission
• Rama Personal – Fixed rare crash that could occur after completing mission
• Special Investigation: Daisy – Fixed issue where player can take damage over time when coming in contact with Fracking Drill beam during initial hack
• Special Investigation: Daisy – Fixed issue where restarting from checkpoint incorrectly teleported player to start of mission
• Special Investigation: Daisy – Fixed Fracking Drill segment issues with crashing and streaming delay when driving to objective
• Daisy Unlock – Fixed crash that could occur by being outside mission area when transition occurs
• Daisy Unlock – Fixed rare crash when restarting mission from checkpoint
• Daisy Unlock – Fixed soft crash caused by running to flashback point before flashback starts
• Daisy Unlock - Fixed infinite fade if player leaves mission area as flashback is about to end
• Daisy Unlock – Fixed camera sticking under the world after third objective if player enters the building from opposite side of the street
• Daisy Personal – Fixed issue where LEGION vehicle AI could repeatedly drive into wall
• Daisy Personal – Fixed soft crash if a ped vehicle destroys the LEGION vehicle before player damages it
• Kingpin Unlock – Fixed soft crash that could occur during rooftop encounter
• Kingpin Unlock – Fixed issue where Kingpin could spawn inside geometry when restarting from checkpoint
• Kingpin Personal – Fixed issue with mission markers not updating correctly
• Kingpin Personal – Fixed rare crashing issues during race
• Special Investigation: Braddock – Fixed mission failure when player approached LEGION vehicle target
• Braddock Unlock – Fixed issue where hack could be missing
• Red Card Unlock – Fixed soft crash caused by missing objective indicator
• Red Card Unlock – Fixed soft crash that could occur if player uses Ball Pit Gremlin Tech on Rudesheim players
• Redcard Unlock – Fixed issue where game remained active underneath Hooligan tutorial
• Scheherazade Unlock – Fixed issue where progression could be blocked after engaging initial enemies, leaving area, then returning
• Scheherazade Unlock – Fixed missing boss that could occur if player stops to unlock a Relic’s Trading Company during mission
• Special Investigation: Oni – Fixed rare crash issues during mission
• Carnage A Trois Team mission – Fixed soft crash that could occur if player is trapped in elevator shaft
• Firing Squad Team mission – Fixed missing indicators if player completes Damocles 4 before starting the team mission


• Fixed missing and broken navmesh issues in the open world
• Fixed various gameplay bugs, such as notoriety not wiping correctly, enemies misusing weapons, and other small tweaks
• Fixed Wreck Room soft crash that could occur if player loses their final agent while in the air
• Fixed crash when pausing in the first few frames of an agent swap animation
• Fixed hacking soft crash that could occur if player hacked a computer that was clipping into another piece of geometry
• Fixed LEGION Dungeon soft crash that could occur if player falls out of world
• Fixed traversal soft crash that could occur if player warped back to ARK while using an ascender
• Fixed crash that could occur while destroying props in certain city districts
• Fixed infinite load that could occur after completing a LEGION Outpost
• Fixed soft crash that could occur if player swapped agents during agent death but before death animation could play
• Fixed crash when entering Seoul from a checkpoint restart and immediately getting hit with a beam weapon
• Fixed random soft crash that could occur when player character vanishes in LEGION dungeon
• Fixed an issue that prevented the final enemy from spawning in the Relic’s Trading Post gameplay
• Fixed Gravity Dominator soft crash that could occur if Dominator placed player inside a building
• Fixed issue with Doomsday weapons spawning consecutively into city
• Fixed crash that could occur when approaching Gravity Dominator as Oni in the Mockingbird vehicle
• Fixed crash when attacking an Outpost and a Gravity Dominator in same district at the same time
• Fixed crash when driving a ped vehicle under a Gravity Dominator
• Fixed issue with Gravity Dominators failing to complete if player destroyed the core before a boss cameo
• Fixed rare infinite load on Mayhem Knows loading screen
• Fixed rare soft crash that could occur when pausing or opening Hub Menu after swapping agents many times while Auto Target Gremlin Tech is active
• Fixed Scheherazade soft crash that could occur when her teleport would place player inside a building
• Fixed game freezing when controller is disconnected during a LEGION dungeon exit transition
• Fixed random crash that can occur when moving around Seoul after Star Power 3
• Fixed rare crash during max notoriety
• Fixed rare crash that could occur when loading into Seoul after Spinoff 1

• Fixed “Captain on Deck” not increasing cash drop rate
• Fixed “Action Force” not awarding health on machine gun kills
• Fixed “Last Ditch Launcher” not reducing special cooldown if used when shields were already below 50%
• Fixed issue with Braddock’s Elite Tech not correctly stacking
• Fixed “Sitting Ducks” incorrectly increasing critical hit damage in addition to intended effect


• Fixed various audio balancing issues, including volume levels, repetitiveness, and stuck audio
• XBox One: Fixed audio dropping out if player exits to Home Menu while transitioning into a video


• HDR support for the PlayStation 4 version
• Better autodetection for PCs based on resolution
• Resolution fixes for PC when switching monitors
• Fixed placeholder structure models
• Fixed camera issues during various cinematics
• Fixed missing VFX and camera shake during certain gameplay
• Fixed collision issues, including holes in the world
• Fixed missing “xray” material on scannable objects throughout the city
• Fixed Agent skins previewing in low resolution
• Fixed several instances of lighting bugs
• Fixed jitter with Yeti's snowball


• Fixed incorrect elements displaying on weapons HUD
• Fixed various issues with Agent and Vehicle skin previews and list sorting
• Fixed HUD not updating with new objectives during various missions
• Fixed disappearing icons from World Map
• Removed incorrect persistent “New” flag from various UI elements
• Fixed Global Conflict bugs, including UI incorrectly leaving elements locked when they are actually accessible
• Fixed agent videos not playing in ARK after Gat DLC package installed
• Corrected various text and localization
• Tweaks to Doomsday weapon OIs to increase visibility
• Added HUD message when Doomsday weapon spawns in Seoul
• Added new Load Screen hint


• Added shards on map when relevant Agency upgrade is purchased
• Lowered difficulty of the foot race during Fortune Personal mission
• Guaranteed Contract found in every Large Chest
• Added chests to temple area
• Changed rewards for mission replay
• Fixed inaccessible chests
• Fixed incorrect rewards granted after completing Outpost
• Fixed player unlock of Yeti’s “Russian Frost” weapon skin
• Balance change in Hollywood personal mission

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