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Matrixxneo User
12. Okt 2017, 19:08 Uhr

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v. 55612

Some hotfix

Dragon Patch + Russian language - 10/10/17

10 October - Fomalhaut

Hello all,

A new update is now live – v. 55612

The big thing that comes with this latest patch is a Russian language option. It’s been, by far, the most requested language and thanks to the folk at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/zoneofgames we now have it in game! To use the Russian language go to options from the Talisman main menu and languages can be changed here.

A thing to note; this patch does not contain a direct fix for the unmatched choice messages that some users have been seeing. We’re hoping that the improvements to how the game handles memory will reduce/eradicate these errors that are happening. The thing that is making this particular issue difficult is we can’t get it to happen intentionally - it’ll only happen when we’re not looking. If anyone can find any step-by-step instructions for making it happen then this will be incredibly useful.

Patch Notes

•Autokill should now work for the Dragon Rider against dragons.

•Dragon Rider should no longer be able to capture the 'wrong' enemy.

•Ghoul should be able to discard raised followers at the Vampire's Tower.

•Movement followers shouldn't block the Dragon Rider's move ability.

•The Gladiator's +1 for Armour Rolls should now work.

•Runes should only affect the Basilisk's attack score.

•Can no longer use the Obliterate spell after you've attempted to escape Jail.

•Fireball no longer harms a player who has used a Summon spell.

•The Sacred Pool Treasure Chest should work with the Treasure Maps now.

•Fang should no longer be able to be stolen via spell or ability.

•If the Death Stalker is Conscripted it shouldn't appear in the reminder space.

•Nothing to note.

•You should now encounter the first Gauntlet card whilst in the Dragon's Tower.

•You should be able to move away from the Mountain Pass if there is a Scale in place.

•You can only get a Water Bottle from the Six-Fates Inn if you have 1 gold.

•You should be able to move away from the Hall of Darkness if there is a Scale in place.

•You should no longer be able to access the Dragon Realm or Tower with an active quest.

•Adjustments to how the AI uses pouches/bags.

•AI Vampiric Dragon loop fix.

•AI should no longer focus as heavily on the Dungeon.

•AI shouldn't pick up the Amulet whilst on the Crown.

•AI should always pick the most appropriate stat to use for the Battle Royale ending.

•AI should now take the ending into account when using the Dragonspire.

•AI shouldn't ignore items when using the Quest Reward 'Dream Prize'.

•AI should no longer waste Fate on Growing Suspicions.

•Warlock Quests should no longer cause blocks during the Battle Royale ending.

•Block fix when Lost is drawn during the Spreading Flames ending.

•Clicking dismiss in My Collection shouldn't cause crashes.

•Confront the Dragon King should work as a hidden ending.

•Defeat the Sentinel Quest should now complete correctly.

•The game log should now show AI fights in full.

•Enthralling achievement fix.

•Graceful achievement fix.

•Charity Achievement Fix.

•Fixes to XP awarded.

•Looking at cards from the reminder shouldn't cause blocks.

•Tweaks to how the game handles memory (should make the game more stable)


12. Okt 2017, 18:44 Uhr
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