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j0nezzz AFRiKA.&.P0LiSH♥|✝
6. Dez 2017, 16:54 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
CRASH FIX: Fixed crash on game start.
CRASH FIX: Fixed crash on applying gameplay settings.

Gameplay Fixes:
FIX: Player stash can be accessed in fast travel panels upon unlocking branch it's connected to + proper stash present in Savaash's safehouse.
FIX: Using skills will no longer cancel crouch (i.e. you will stay in crouch if you use the Flash skill).
FIX: Fixed character uncrouching after throwing items when crouched.
FIX: Uncrouch will no longer occur when weapon swapping or unholstering.
FIX: Landing doesn't cause noise anymore - sneaking around should be easier now and not alert guards as much.
FIX: Gas Mask missing stats fix.
FIX: Movement Speed now displays 100% if not wearing any armour.
FIX: Movement noise armour lining upgrade proper value display fix (Armour upgrade movement speed penalty stat was multiplied by 100 in the character panel).
FIX: Bug causing movement noise is multiplied by 600 (hence making you very, very loud) was removed.
FIX: WHEN DISGUISED (as a technomage, biomancer etc.) guards will get suspicious if you get close to them in public areas and will follow you in private areas.
FIX: Stun Batons energy cost fix.
FIX: Blocked using abilities and usable items when stunned.
FIX: Lootdefs of merchants and vending machine tweaked - removed unique champions weapons, added listed junk items to the vending machine.
PARTIAL FIX: Teriel will retain crouched state upon climbing on the smaller obstacles. Jumping up and climbing higher barriers WILL STILL CANCEL CROUCH - but we are working on a fix, and hopefully, this will be addressed by the end of the week.

FIX: a save/fast travel bug where the gate would stay closed if you teleported out of safehouse before finishing the opening animation.
FIX: Distillery not activating in "You Skratch my back ..." quest is now accessible and can be completed.
FIX: changed method of rewarding player from appending items to giving reward via proper reward block.
FIX: Lock Complexity set to 0.4 during "The Only Way Out" quest so you can access the room without the top-tier driller upgrade.
FIX: Nectars added to the prologue to eliminate the bug with unequipping your skill.
FIX: Arena keeper dialogue "Forged in the Crucible" quest was charging extra money without it being written in text, so player got confused when they could not start match properly.
FIX: Fixed bug with the Thieves during the "Thick as Thieves" quest - they would attack you if you would finish the quest while crouched, now they act normal.

FIX: Achievements for pickpocketing and placing traps fixed.
FIX: Wrong achievement granted - EMP does not give you the Master Of Matter anymore.
NEW: Implemented 'Through the veins' achievement.
NEW: Implemented 'Collector', 'Power of gods', 'Goldrush', 'Improvement' and 'Know-how' achievements.

FIX: Broken Ladder deleted from safehouse (unnecessary old prop)
FIX: The Duplicated gate in Warden's Hold. Deleted copied gate.

FIX: EquipmentPanel: fix for statistics names cut in several languages.
FIX: The added display of movement speed statistics for passive skill upgrades.
FIX: Visa zones shown by default in world map panel.
FIX: Added controls label for show vision cone.
FIX: Refreshing overall capacity display whenever it changes.
FIX: EquipmentPanel - items list updating fixed.

FIX: Reduced flower movement in response to the player in an indoor bush.
FIX: Lowered brightness of Technomage's energy shield.
FIX: Fixed too bright Player portrait in the equipment panel with low graphics quality preset.
MOD: Improved visual quality of map in "Memory Lane" quest.

FIX: Removed gas_loop_Cue playing all over world map.
FIX: The corrected audio balance between Mechs and the rest of the enviro.
FIX: Dismantle item SFX now under 50% of original volume.

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6. Dez 2017, 16:53 Uhr
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