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Matrixxneo User
7. Dez 2017, 09:07 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
FIX: Optimization of determining attitude between teams.
FIX: Disabled Oculus Rift integration. Oculus headset should not capture audio anymore.

Gameplay fixes:
NEW: Show all available skill upgrades in skill panel (incompatible upgrades are greyed out).
NEW: Show base health and energy statistics in equipment panel.
FIX: Crouch will now be retained after climbing.
FIX: Crouch will now be retained after backstabs.
FIX: NPC AI behavioural reaction pass - NPC's will not be as sensitive to noise as before
FIX: Multiplying loot in Environment Puzzle with rotating cubes is no longer an issue.
FIX: Guards routines adjusted with spawn points at Checkpoint 02.
FIX: Visa Scan Drones have been turned off until their AI problems are solved.
FIX: Status effects displayed as white rectangles on HUD no longer present.
FIX: Lowered tall grass meshes to avoid confusion if it is sneaking spot. Added foliage footstep sound to tall grass.
FIX: AI Unit fixes for Technomagi in Warden's Hold bar, changed profile.
FIX: Removed improper action points for ghouls in Warden's Hollow.
FIX: Hard landing of player character no longer cancels crouch.
FIX: Disguise functionality added for Zealots and Warehouse guards in Warden's Hold.
FIX: Merchants friendly to each other - no more wild brawls in the merchant areas ;)
FIX: Input will no longer block on being hit by stun attack while using a ladder.
FIX: Overweight problem caused by obsolete hidden syringes no longer occurs.
FIX: Added missing tooltip stats to chips, abilities and weapon upgrade.
FIX: Displaying inappropriate attribute values in the character panel.
FIX: Weapon Upgrade Sight tooltip icon added.
FIX: NPCs stay asleep longer after choking.
FIX: Thief Lining Upgrade stats corrected.
FIX: Backstab bleeding, and energy drain tooltip icons added.
FIX: Jumpthrow upgrade tooltip icon added.
FIX: Removed choke push counter-attack on released input when choking an enemy.

Quest fixes:
FIX: "Master Brewer quest in Lewmer", one mapping added for the shrine, so it is easier to find.
FIX: "Butch's Day Off" listener (Butch released scene).
FIX: "Now Who Is The Crazy One" rotating crystal was not behaving properly upon loading a save game.
FIX: "What a Pair" - added feedback to player log about payment for returned socks.
FIX: "Exorcism For Beginners", fire burn area now playing proper fire sound.
FIX: Correct audio cues connected in dialogue with Ilsa in "Petals And Promises".
FIX: Patrol in Grukbara Mansion won't be running around anymore, they do patrol with their regular speed.
FIX: "Deep in the Mire" daemon has a proper response voice set now.
FIX: "Prickly Maneater" portal working properly, quest blocker removed, now it is possible to get back.
FIX: Removed blocker on dialogue with Drax during the "Wanted Man".
FIX: Biomancers removed from Mortbane after it was taken over by Voort followers.
FIX: Headhunters despawned after meeting Drax in "Wanted Man".
FIX: Teriel falling properly into the trap during the "A Wanted Man" quest.
FIX: "Exorcism for beginners", an old unused lamp was deleted.
FIX: "Petals And Promises", the merchant could no longer turn hostile after dialogue with him.
FIX: "Cinderman": Improper option to ask before the reward after getting rid of Cinder Man removed.
FIX: "The Vault", Final Artanak dialogue flow fixed.
FIX: Turned off Headhunters inside Warden's hold - too much mayhem caused by them, can still be found hunting for you in other areas.
FIX: It is no longer possible to exit the Artee village with the elevator staying on top.
FIX: Deactivated wall clock clue in Mayor's house can now be interacted with upon reaching Mayor without investigating the house.
FIX: Warden's Hold Master Crafter and Master Brewer are no longer turning hostile over and over again after entering their workshops.

Audio fixes:
NEW: Laughing reactions SFX.
NEW: SFX for tech rot leak devices added.
FIX: SFX fixes added to "Wanted Man scene.
FIX: Mixed properly cargo arrival audio in Safehouse Cutscene.
FIX: Replaced erroneous "planting charges" SFX with correct "syringe bandelisk" SFX in "You Skratch My Back".
FIX: Lewmer Cliffs Cue concurrency fix - now only single Cue is played resolving loudness issue.

NEW: Save file details are now displayed on death screen.
FIX: Spelling errors in credits corrected.
FIX: Accessing not allowed panels using key shortcuts disabled.
FIX: Few NPC locations adjusted in Warden's Hold.
FIX: Duplicated gate removed from the scene in Warden's Hold.
FIX: Adjusted hunters locations at Hunters Camp in Everglade Swamps.
FIX: Smaller spawn trigger for spiders near Hunters Camp in Everglade Swamps.
FIX: Bandelisk navmesh snap parameters tweaked.

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7. Dez 2017, 07:03 Uhr
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