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j0nezzz AFRiKA.&.P0LiSH♥|✝
24. Mai 2018, 22:26 Uhr

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Update Build 48004:
[Bugfix] Some players were unable to create a save-game because they loaded a save while a cutscene was playing. You've reported several issues regarding no saves, this should fix some. If you still experience this, please visit "Technical Issues" steam thread. We apologize for the hardcore inconvenience.
[Bugfix] Backspace button can now properly be bound for custom bindings. We're still working on expanding those actions (some are non-rebindable) and fixing non-QWERTY keyboard issues.
[Bugfix] Screenshot notifier will not show up in Windowed mode while creating a savegame.
[Crashfix] Several crashes all caused by a warrior who resisted death so much he did not want to be unregistered from a squad, causing a lot of mess ;)
[Crashfix] Fog of War had an issue that we resolved by removing the code responsible. As a result it not only ceased to crash but also gained some performance boost.
[Crashfix] Rare crash that occured while saving a game (nasty one, I admit)
[Crashfix] Tricky one: Server calls the client to start loading the map (lobby countdown finishes), but before the network call actually arrived to the client (time window equal to half of your ping) the player left the game. Resulted in a nuclear explosion, now causes no harm.
[Crashfix] Players sometimes crashed while querying for profile level of newly joined client, resulting in loss of lobby or disconnects.
[Crashfix] While cleaning the world in between of map changes it occasionally resulted in a crash - the game attempted to clear more than it should. Seriously rare though, never happened in any of the betas.
[Crashfix] Some peasants tried to pick up a bucket of water, despite there being no well at all. Case solved.
[Crashfix] Improved stability of beacon subsystem - this is how we talk between clients and hosts before you join the lobby (steam game invites, joining through server browser, verifying for password, etc.).
[Crashfix] Peasants that no longer have a home (ending the match scenario) tried to tell it that they are in danger. They were right as they're about to be killed along with the entire world, but this should not crash.
[Crashfix] Sometimes a non-existing squad tried to execute a queued up command - queue up several comamnds and dismiss a squad. Happened in 3 out of 50 tries.
[Info] There is an issue with icon materials not existing for some users (the game crashes as a result when it tries to update cooldown effects etc.). This will still crash, but we've added a lot of additional debug information so if this happens to you - we're kindly asking you to send the report.
[Info] There's a problem with squads having corrupted specialization data after leveling up. Similarly as above, still occurs, added more info for us. Funnily enough, this was sent literally once.

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24. Mai 2018, 22:17 Uhr
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