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Matrixxneo User
11. Jul 2018, 19:28 Uhr

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Youropa Update 1 Hotfix changelog:

We've just uploaded a small patch to fix a *rare* crash. It includes the following changes:

- Options - Added Difficulty setting
Easy - Restart from last checkpoint after game over
Normal - Restart from entry point after game over
Hard - Reset level to state it was in when you entered after game over
- Crumbling Block - Fixed getting stuck inside or being catapulted when resetting the block while you were inside it.
- Physics - Fix for issue with zero-distance sphere sweep (crash during overview)
- Level - Minor fixes in HighwayHub, WallWalkAround and Oil Slide

Youropa Update 1 changelog:

The biggest change in this update are camera tweaks which hopefully makes getting around Youropa a nicer experience. We've adjusted some settings, to make the camera a little softer in the way it follows the ground, and adjusted the way input is handled, so you can now tweak how direct your camera input is treated from the options menu. Overall it should help people who have experienced a bit of motion queasiness, and make for a smoother ride for all of you.

We've also tweaked map editing, so you can now connect logic across levels by linking wires on the map, and you can also delete wires and portal connections. For the wires, they will only use the "global input" from another level, if there is no "local input" attached to it on the level itself. Tell us if that doesn't make sense.

Here's a full list of changes to this update:
Resolution - Match desktop resolution on first run
Translations - Adjusted Norwegian translations
Translations - Fixed spelling mistake in "Camera Edge Prediction"
Paint / Powerup Platform - Fixed issue when entering platform while carrying an item (invalid state change during physics update)
Umbrella - Fixed collision model
Umbrella - Adjusted animation when carrying
Pogo Stick - Adjusted collision model
Pogo Stick - Adjusted animation when carrying
File Requester - Minimizes game when in full screen, and restores game after being closed
Achievements - Fix for "Loot Box" achievement cheat.
Physics/IK - Fix for NaN issue in soft IK
Wire - Added output
Controls - Mouse look input now matches joypad/keyboard input (Y inverted, so you may need to adjust your control settings)
Editor - Fix for text input not updating
Editor - Fix for switching wire style not updating visuals
Editor - Connecting wires on map also connects level logic. Only wires with no connections internally in the level will use the external input
Editor - Connections can now be deleted on the map
Editor - Fix for color picker closing menu / editor when pressing cancel
Camera - Fix for spin when entering vehicle
Camera - Smoother ground following
Camera - Adjustable input smoothing (missing translations for most languages) see Options/Camera
Camera - Allow overview to shift more
Camera - Minor adjustments during teleportation
Camera - Fix for jitter during transition to overview
Map - Fixed path to next objective not updating correctly when opening map
Map - Minor tutorial fix
Level - Smaller gap between pipe and platform in "Pipes"
Level - Moved bush to prevent you getting stuck in "TinyTower"
Level - More checkpoints on oil levels
Level - More checkpoints on vehicle levels


11. Jul 2018, 16:40 Uhr
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