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Matrixxneo User
9. Aug 2018, 19:58 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.0.8:

**NOTE: Saved games from previous versions may cause inconsistent behavior when using certain weapons and abilities due to balance changes.**


* Lord of Skulls quest now shows the turns until Khorne goes inactive again.

* Added warp in and out effect for Lord of Skulls.

* Added setting for orkoid fungus density.

* Added non-destructive mod support: mod data is loaded from "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Proxy Studios\Gladius\Mods\<ModName>\Data\" on Windows and "$HOME/.config/Proxy Studios/Gladius/Mods/<ModName>/Data/" on Linux.


* Rescaled all influence costs to match the default cost scheme (25/50/100/200 to 20/40/80/160).

* Fortresses of Redemption now costs 40 influence.

* Fortresses of Redemption no longer gain the percentage bonus from tiles controlled by cities.

* Increased Fortress of Redemption upkeep from 2 to 3.

* Increased Orbital Bombardment cooldown from 0 to 1.

* Increased Orbital Scan cooldown from 0 to 1 and increased its radius from 1 to 2.

* Aircraft and jump / levitate now only ignore zone of control of enemy ground units (but are still affected by other aircraft).

* Ere We Go now requires movement (but does not consume movement) to prevent exploiting its use to cross wire weed or zone of control in 1 turn and still attack after.

* Deffkopta's big bomm no longer consumes an action (7th edition bombing run Orks errata).

* Reduced Apothecaries group size from 5 to 3.

* Reduced Apothecaries cost by 50%.

* Fixed Dreadnought conversion typo: increases Dreadnought armor from 7 to 8 and hitpoints from 24 to 36.

* Increased Dreadnought cost by 50%.

* Fixed Gorkanaut's Klaw of Gork typo: increases damage from 6 to 12 and armor penetration from 0 to 8.

* Reduced Gorkanaut attacks from 3 to 1.

* Reduced Gorkanaut Rampage bonus attacks from 2 to 1.

* Fixed Gorkanaut gaining Rampage even when the number of enemies was even.

* Medi-Pack research moved from tier 2 to tier 3.

* Heavy Weapons Squad research moved from tier 3 to tier 2.

* Increased Cryptek's Resurrection Orb range from 1 to 2.

* Canoptek Spyder and Kastelan Robot now have Vehicle traits, allowing them to be repaired.

* Killshot now also increases damage against Fortifications.

* Machine Empathy now also heals Fortifications.

* Ordnance now also has increased damage against Fortifications.

* Dok's Tools, Extra Bitz, Experimental Procedure, Narthecium, Roll Over Them, Summary Execution and The Flesh Is Weak no longer work on Fortifications.

* Awaken the Machine, Blessings of the Omnissiah, Fabricator Claw Array, Mek's Tools and Objuration Mechanicum now work on Fortifications.

* Fermentation pool now gives +1 energy and +1 influence instead of +2 influence for Necrons.

* Grox pasture now gives +1/+10% infuence and +1/+10% ore instead of +2/+20% influence for Necrons.

* Recaf leaf now gives +1 influence instead of +1 energy for non-Necron factions.

* Tweaked some special features adjacency bonuses for Necrons.

* Lord's Royal Guard summon duration increased from 3 to 5 turns.


* Added XML support for specifying if only one conditions needs to match before effect is applied. That is, \<conditions> and other block conditions tags such as \<unit> can now have the attribute match="Any". Defaults to match="All".

* Revert to random faction instead of crashing if config faction is invalid.


* All relevant technologies are now linked with requirements.

* Level up selection now stays up until all points have been spent.

* Tweaked Tactical Space Marines death animations.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed mouse cursor not showing when mouse pointer trails is enabled on Windows.

* Fixed item cooldowns not decreasing.

* Fixed a crash when immediately founding a city on a tile where a city was just destroyed.

* Fixed experience not being awarded when a unit is disbanded or killed with an ability such as Shockwave and Orbital Bombardment.

* Fixed cleared tiles still obstructing vision.

* Fixed being able to move items to units across the map.

* Fixed trait rank not going up with ability rank (e.g. Cybork Implants).

* Fixed capturing artefacts not refreshing resources before the end of the turn.

* Fixed clicking on an item while leveling a hero wrongly spending level up points.

* Fixed drop pods not being player colored.

* Fixed orbital deployment and teleporting to a tile not triggering explore/capture/overwatch.

* Fixed outposts of a destroyed city not being immediatelly reclaimed.

* Fixed Astra Militarum energy, food, loyalty, ore and research edicts accidently increasing the upkeep of buildings.

* Fixed Fear, Furious Charge and Zealot applying less melee damage change than intended (adds Circumstance Melee Damage).

* Fixed units being affected by heavy and not healing if their max movement increased.

* Fixed aircraft not being able to fly over enemy ground units.

* Fixed bolt damage upgrade having no effect for Orks.

* Fixed destruction protocols trait not being red.

* Fixed heresy in an Astra Militarum bark.

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9. Aug 2018, 19:45 Uhr
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