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Matrixxneo User
9. Aug 2018, 22:21 Uhr

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Update v1.6.4:


AI empires should privilege tiles which give 6 neighbours when colonizing (less city centers near borders).


Increased the Resource Cost Cap for Volcanoformers from 16 at 7 to 998 at 498.


Fixed an issue where the game does not automatically select the last played major faction in New Game screen if the faction is from any expansion.

Fixed an issue where the Cultists faction questline cannot be completed on custom factions without the conversion trait.

Fixed an issue where assimilated Minor Faction slot goes out of bounds when using Big Screen User Interface option.

Fixed an issue where starting a siege with a privateer army is not reducing the city fortification.

Fixed an issue where units do not receive deployment priority before automatic deployment.

Fixed an issue where, if a player does not exit the defeat screen, the session will not continue for the other players in a MP session.

Fixed an issue where, if the player equips an accessory of a certain type on an unit in the Unit design screen, then all other, better accessories of the same type and made of the same material disappear from the forge.

Fixed an issue where roads do not reduce army movement cost when constructing trade routes, under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue where automated governors queue constructions on top of the queue when wonders are being built.

Fixed an issue where the "Ice in the veins" infantry hero skill does not remove winter penalties to unit attributes.

Fixed an issue where the "Cold Operator" hero skill does not remove all penalties applied during winter.

Fixed several text issues.


Fixed an issue where a performance drop is encountered when performing transition between 3D-map and 2D-map during Dust Eclipse.

Fixed an issue where the FIDSI stats from the Golem Camp's FIDSI panel are not updated when effects of the exploited tiles change.

Fixed an issue where Golem Camp does not display the Strategic Resource ouput in the FIDSI panel.

Fixed an issue where Confluxe buffs are visible in main menu screen.

Fixed an issue where Dust Eclipse Confluxe icon is covered by the city model in 2D map when it's spawned on any city.

Fixed an issue where the player cannot place "Volcanoform Devices" on Ardent Mages' banners.

Fixed an issue where the "2. Otherskins" Kapaku faction quest completes before meeting the quest's whole requirement.

Fixed an issue where the lava lights from Kapaku themed main menu turn off at random times.

Fixed an issue where Kapaku Faction Hero Quest Reward tooltip from "4.Preparations", step 2, displays null values if prerequisites are met prior to gaining the quest.

Fixed an issue where two Industry Stockpile inputs appear in the Marketplace if the player obtained one Stockpile from Siege Engineering.

Fixed an issue where the duration of the first Dust Eclipse is too short on Fast Game Speed.

Fixed an issue where active volcano peak textures slightly spill out of boundaries.

Fixed an issue where Volcanic Leecher improvement could be constructed on regions that have no strategic resources.


Fixed an issue where the "Yellow bathysphere, yellow bathysphere...", step 2, triggers if the step 1 of the quest fails.

Fixed an issue where armies using auto-explore do not dive sunken ruins.

Fixed an issue where Transport Ships are not affected by vision reduction received from winter effects.

Fixed an issue where "Dust Focal" does not deal damage on counter attack.

Fixed an issue where Artillery units affected by "Cat's Paw" keep doing siege damage to the city its capture.


Fixed an issue where the counter of the chapter 2, step 2, of Allayi faction quest displays "-1" as the required number of turns for its completion.

Fixed an issue where searching ruins on the first summer with the Allayi is not giving orbs.

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9. Aug 2018, 22:13 Uhr
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