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Matrixxneo User
10. Okt 2018, 19:27 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update Build 53219:
[New Feature] New cursor type: 'Resume Building' - shows when hovering a building you have not finished building, like a trap.
[New Feature] Villages attacked when out of player's vision no longer have to be scouted with camera movement. Such attack event now shows on a minimap - the village icon is flashing.
[Tweak] Slavs have new hero in multiplayer - Boleslav The Brave (two-handed) instead of Mieszko (shieldman).
[Tweak] Retreat may now minimally last 7 seconds (instead of previous 12). What it means is that retreating a squad with full morale will return control over it 5 seconds faster.
[Tweak] Reordered starting positions both in lobby and game for "The Capital of Evil".
[Tweak] Walls that you can destroy with ballistas can also be destroyed with catapults (campaign).
[Tweak] Improvements to lobbies on dedicated servers.
[Tweak] Improvements in Match Status Window (default key TAB).
[Tweak] Improvements and addition of new ambient audio sounds across all the multiplayer maps.
[Bugfix] Churches no longer have golden frame around their health bars - destroying Place of Cult or a Church is not required for victory.
[Bugfix] Traps for some reason are sometimes missing animation sets, causing them to not play any animation when destroyed or walked over. Should be corrected.
[Bugfix] Achievement that did not always trigger when finishing the last mission in the second Slavic campaign is now triggering properly each time.
[Bugfix] Multiple medium and minor level bugfixes - navigation, balancing and reported bugs including.
[Bugfix] There was a case that the main menu did not show up at all, basically blocking the game. Repro steps found, issue corrected, thank you for reporting! That was a serious one.
[Crashfix] Fixed a crash that occured while loading map data under a certain condition (generally only affected people with very, very fast drives, Raid 0 SSD's or M2 / U2).
[Crashfix] Fixed a crash when the level was ALT+F4'd during a non-skippable cutscene - crash occured while the application was closing.
[Crashfix] Fixed a crash when a horse freezes it's rag-doll. We assumed that the rider of this horse will still exist, but due to low corpse limit setting and in a heavy battle scenario he may already be removed, thus this case needs protecting. The horse's fate is doomed though ;)

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10. Okt 2018, 17:02 Uhr
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