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Matrixxneo User
6. Dez 2018, 17:41 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.5.1.11018:
Balance changes:
Changed Excavator's digging parameters. Digging feeling has changed.
Changed Front-End Loader's digging parameters. Digging feeling has changed.
Reduced Front-End ability to push dirt.
Changed starting fuel of any machine to 20%.
All washplant containers fill evenly at the same rate.
Increased prices of T4 & T5 machines.
Reduced claim upgrade prices.
Changed shop prices.
Changed machine park prices.
Changed Seasons' price multiplier.
Adjusted destroyable Parts lifetime.
Changed the multiplier of failures during Summer and Winter.
Lowered the multiplier of parts durability during Seasons on Hard Mode.
Lowered the multiplier of Fuel price on Hard Mode.
Other balance changes.

Added Tier 2 tutorial.
Added Tier 3 assembly tutorial.
Added possibility to end the tutorial at any time (currently only on the keyboard).
Added new tutorial steps to the existing quest tasks.
Changed order of Small Excavator and Mobile Washplant quest tasks in the tutorial.
Changed several tutorial quest task texts.
Added new yellow markers (quest task indicators) to better guide the Player.
Added more godrays (yellow beams) on the road to the Old Arnold claim.
Adjusted existing yellow markers (quest task indicators) positions.
Added yellow markers, which are displayed in the corner of the screen, if the godray is not visible in Players' sight.
Changed headers of tutorial tasks (T1, T2, etc.).
Disabled possibility to use the bucket on machines, that are not in quest task.
Changed Tutorial starting season from Spring to Summer.
Added new task after smelting first gold bar. Players are now required to get 20k dollars.
Fueling quest tasks are skipped if the player has full fuel tanks.
Quest tasks, which require to collect a specific amount of gold, are skipped if the player is playing with 1$ Mode enabled.
Disabled the day summary at the beginning of the tutorial.
Other minor tutorial fixes.

Changed Stock graph in the Bank to better reflect the changes after Four Seasons Cycle Update. As each Season has 10 days, the Graph is now divided into 40 days.
Name of the highlighted item is now displayed.
Allowed Hog Pan Container worker to be assigned to Hog Pan No Pump.
Added ladders to washplant areas on each claim to make it easier to reach ST sluiceboxes.
Small Shovel is now third in order. Players can use it by pressing [3] key on keyboard.
Added numbers under Tools icons.
Added 'Stories' text to the icon.
Changed category of Miners Moss and Hog Pan Mats to Accessories in the online shop.
"Sell Gold Bar" button is now greyed out when there's no gold bar chosen.
Removed popup window informing about the addition of Four Seson Cycle to the game.
Added possibility to assign workers to the already assigned machines. They will be added instead of the previous worker.
Included Backpack Key shortcut in the in-game "Show Controls" menu (under [Z] key).
Changed Gamepad scrolling in the online shop.
Added "Back" button after choosing the game difficulty.
Minor localization changes.

Fixed bug with the game crashing during autosave.
Optimization of scenes.
Fixed bug, which prevented some players from continuing the tutorial after filling the hog pan up to 30%.
Fixed blinking shadows on Ultra quality.
Fixed double-clicking bug when selling gold bars in the Bank (only one click is required now).
Fixed Frankenstein's belt bug.
Added missing sound to Loans tab in the Bank.
Fixed Gold Nugget notifications displaying in different units than the ones chosen in Settings.
Fixed Frankenstein's collision after loading the save file.
Fixed Rivertown's bedrock dirt bug (the dirt look like it's diggable, but it wasn't).
Fixed Laptop's transport prompt.
Mobile Washplant textures fixes.
Fixed 0oz gold bar bug.
Fixed bug which allowed to loan the same claim multiple times despite already renting it.
FIxed bug, which allowed to add 0 amount of any machinery to the order and proceed with it to check out in the heavy machinery park.
Removed snow texture from gold bars.
Transport UI fixes.
Minor SFX fixes.
Minor UI fixes.
Minor localization fixes.

Gamepad Fixes:
Disabled Dump Truck's bed moving with gamepad's stick.
Added a slight cooldown on the gamepad for changing the number of items in the laptop (values no longer increase without limit when leaning the stick - the counter stops at some point).
Fixed Front-End Loader's faulty bucket on the gamepad. It might be required to reset gamepad controls to default in game's settings.
Fixed Transport bug on the gamepad, which prevented players from taking any actions, after transporting anything from the right side of the Transport menu.
Fixed bug with white squares displayed instead of button icons when returning from shop menus on the gamepad.
Fixed gamepad controls when using the map for the first time.
Fixed bug, which prevented players from renting parcels after switching back from the gamepad.
Added possibility to upgrade workers on the gamepad.
Added possibility to reject workers on the gamepad.
Added possibility to assign workers on the gamepad.
Added possibility to unselect workers on the gamepad.
Fixed inability to move lists of items in online shop when using the gamepad.
Added popup informing about rejecting workers application of firing a worker on the gamepad.
Other minor gamepad UI fixes.

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