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Matrixxneo User
6. Dez 2018, 20:21 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update Build 56217:
[New Feature] Added a new filter for Server Browser - search for dedicated only / player hosted / all lobbies.
[Tweak] When your ally captures a village you also hear the 'Village Captured' sound.
[Tweak] Heroes have reduced throw torch range. They can no longer attack a village outside it's attack radius.
[Bugfix] It was possible to skip loading screen after the map loaded, but the save data was not yet applied. This resulted in multiple issues with the game state.
[Bugfix] Wells now cost the amount mentioned in previous patch notes ;)
[Bugfix] Too intensive Depth of Field effect has been corrected in "Not All Surprises are Welcome" chapter.
[Bugfix] Eustace de Boulogne of the Anglo Saxons has now properly looking body in "Not All Surprises are Welcome" chapter.
[Bugfix] Several pathing issues found on the newly released DLC missions have been resolved.
[Bugfix] Players can no longer build traps on bridges in "The Knights of the Cross" mission.
[Bugfix] Fixed an issue where kicking a player from lobby could break the lobby. Heavily timing dependent, but clearly broken.
[Bugfix] Popup messages with errors were not showing correctly when returning to main menu. Not a single one worked (disconnected, kicked etc.). This issue was introduced with the last patch.
[Bugfix] Archers defending the perimeter from towers now properly update their looks with each technological tier.
[Bugfix] Startup sequence should no longer block the main menu from starting up, even if players have issues with firewall, anti-virus, malware protection or similar software. Please note however, that the game will still be missing some features in such case, may even be unable to create save game files or properly unlock achievements.
[Bugfix] Fixed an issue with players being unable to join lobby while somebody else was querying that lobby for ping.
[Bugfix] Morale caused negative squad effects should no longer stay for longer than designed.
[Bugfix] Fixed the Viking Place of Cult icon and it's associated tab icon to a proper Odal rune.
[Bugfix] Resolved an issue with achievement not being awarded properly if you destroy the enemy base before repairing or building your own during the "Battle of Christburg" chapter.
[Crashfix] Several stability improvements, nothing major.

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