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Matrixxneo User
19. Dec 2018, 09:23 Uhr

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Update v2.60.22:
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
Low rank characters had their abilities improperly removed on subsequent playthroughs
Updated player spawn with guaranteed 2x2 spawning areas for the surrounded board on the steps of the white tower
Removed word 'each' from no saves string
Disabled dredge bell so stunned enemies that try to ring the bell don't cause an error
Quitting while waiting for an arrangement to return from the server
Heroic titles were not properly resetting when characters were reset from the assemble hero scenes
Item duplication bug in Eternal Arena
Setting of pillage mode in Eternal Arena was disabled because of an incorrect string in code
Added tooltips for heroes to Eternal Arena Setup and Roster
Initiative order was wrong in Pillage batles in Eternal Arena. This has been corrected
Removed Nikels from Eternal Arena line up
Nikels added back to Eternal Arena by popular demand - who doesn’t love Nikels?
Addressed several performance issues
Client work for the server versioning
Localization fixes
Ran a fix pass on Eyeless's possession ability
Eyeless was incorrectly assigned as the killer in some cases when her possessed minion was slain - was a problem in Battle of Strength
Balance pass on danger calculation for Eternal Arena Scoring
Increased the size of the player deployment area for the Bolverk fight board for Survival Mode and Eternal Arena to support 6 2x2 heroes
Apostate no longer has both abilities at level 3 when rank 1
An enemy always being left out of the battle when making a pillage arena in Eternal Arena
Polish to help UI in Eternal Arena Details page
Adjusted item filters so that an item option only appears if there are at least 6 items at the current hero rank
Rebalanced stat costs, mostly willpower
Removed 'A Decisive Battle'/speed run scoring rule from Eternal Arena
Added ea3e_server.json to have more restrictive enemy options when the server randomly creates a challenge
Rupture to only fire on dredge and skulkers
Addressed error where multi_wave_hero_sum scoring was incorrect


19. Dec 2018, 06:12 Uhr
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