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12. Jan 2019, 19:33 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.45:
*[ALL] Numerous environmental art fixes.
*[ALL] Fixed issue that allowed the player to move between the bed and the wall inside Orca Gas.
*[ALL] Fixed issue causing the loading screen tip for Sprains to appear with incorrect localization.
*[ALL] Fixed issue causing ambient daytime lighting to appear during nighttime in some indoor locations.
*[ALL] Fixed issue where save file naming conventions were not consistent across all game modes.
*[ALL] Fixed issue where players could simultaneously Cook Meat and Boil Water on the same Cooking surface.
*[ALL] Fixed various issues causing problems with alignment and overlapping text on some UI elements.
*[ALL] Fixed issue where players could become trapped against the rocks near the radio tower in Mountain Town.
*[ALL] Fixed issue causing players to become trapped in a stack of pipes outside Carter Dam in Mystery Lake Region.
*[ALL] Fixed issue with the terrain near the North Tower in Forlorn Muskeg that caused some players to become trapped in the ice.
*[ALL] Fixed issue that kept the Crafting menu from scrolling correctly when using a gamepad or the mousewheel.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Old Bear to appear invisible during the encounter in Broken Railroad Region in Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue where the Stamina bar was not displaying when Crouching and Aiming with the Bear Spear.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing some tutorial kickers to appear with incorrect localization.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that allowed players to stack items on Grey Mother.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue where a UI or game element could sometimes appear briefly before the loading screen, when loading a WINTERMUTE save.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the camera to spin after Mackenzie blacks out during the first encounter with the Old Bear in Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issues with the Old Bear’s pathing around the fallen radio tower in Forlorn Muskeg in Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept the audio from playing when cables sparked inside Carter Dam.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue with the description for the “Snare a Rabbit” Survival School side mission that kept some players from completing the objective.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed typo and updated the description for the Decent Mountaineering Boots given to the player by Grey Mother in Episode One.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept snoring audio from playing correctly while Grey Mother sleeps in Episode One.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that caused exploration music to continuing playing during an encounter with the Old Bear in Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Methuselah to continue appearing at Orca Gas during the Leave Milton mission at the end of Episode One.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept the elevator doors from opening in Carter Dam at the end of Episode Two, if a player interacted with them while Mackenzie was speaking.
*[WINTERMUTE] Tuned Wolves in Green Survivor Experience Mode to be less aggressive.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue with an invisible barrier preventing players from entering a cave in Hushed River Valley Region.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue with the collision shape for the Hacksaw to make Placing the item easier on various surfaces.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue that kept several markers from appearing correctly on the game map.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue causing the Radio Tower to appear incorrectly on the game map for Mystery Lake.

Update v1.44:
*[ALL] Fixed colour grading for early-morning ambient lighting effects.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed Rabbitskin Hat not appearing on the Paper Doll screen for the female survivor.
*[WINTERMUTE] Improved the Old Bear’s pathing when in the cave system during the What One Man Can Do mission in Episode Two. Please note we’re still working to resolve all scenarios where the Old Bear can become stuck.

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