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Matrixxneo User
18. Jan 2019, 14:27 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.46:

*[ALL] Fixed issue causing Wolves to become stuck in their howling animation and unresponsive to the player.
*[CHALLENGE MODE] Fixed an issue where the game would need to be reloaded after changing languages in order for the change to take effect.
*[CHALLENGE MODE] Fixed issue preventing the Old Bear from reacting to the player during Hunted Part Two if they had transitioned indoors numerous times during the Challenge.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue where a Mackenzie VO line about the locked bank vault could be triggered multiple times in a row in Episode One.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Grey Mother to float if a Deer Hide was placed under her chair.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept some cinematic sequences from triggering when a player placed the Bear Spear on the ground in Episode Two. Players can no longer place the Bear Spear from the Radial Menu.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the interior of Trapper’s Homestead to appear briefly prior to a cinematic at the beginning of Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the “FINISHED” option displayed during NPC dialogues to be missing Italian and Polish localization.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the “Crumpled Note” to appear twice at the Maintenance Shed in Broken Railroad during Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue with the Old Bear’s pathing to prevent it from running into a cave wall during the “What One Man Can Do” mission in Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that would sometimes leave the player with a black screen after an encounter with the Old Bear in Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing a brief visual anomaly to appear prior to the beginning of the final cinematic in Carter Dam at the end of Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing out-of-sync subtitle timing during the Old Bear encounter inside the Crummy in Broken Railroad.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Campfire associated with the Hank’s Hatch side mission at Mystery Lake’s Unnamed Pond to burn indefinitely.
*[WINTERMUTE] Added animation to the red cloth around the Bear Spear when returning to Jeremiah at the end of the “What One Man Can Do” mission in Episode Two.


*[ALL] Fixed various environment art issues.
*[ALL] Fixed issue that could cause cupboard doors to appear out of place in various interior locations.
*[ALL] Fixed issue causing the Breyerhouse Winter Crew Warning note to display incorrectly when examined.
*[ALL] Fixed issue causing wildlife carcasses to sink into the snow at various locations in Mystery Lake.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue causing items to float and overlap in the Maintenance Shed due to the new Forge location.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed an issue where breaking down furniture inside a building could sometimes cause kitchen cabinet doors to become offset.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue causing a lamp to float after breaking down a table in the Milton House location in Mountain Town.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing papers to float after breaking down a table in Mystery Lake Camp Office.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing a Tinder Plug to become embedded inside a chair in Trapper’s Homestead.


*[ALL] Fixed issue that kept players from being able to interact with objects after rapidly equipping and throwing Stones.
*[ALL] Fixed issue preventing proper Rifle Placement on the wall mount inside the Broken Railroad Hunting Lodge.
*[ALL] Fixed issue where players could become trapped after crawling inside a pipe outside Carter Hydro Dam.
*[ALL] Fixed issue preventing players from placing Hacksaws and Arrows on flat ground.
*[ALL] Fixed issue that allowed players to interact with an invisible terrain barrier near the tunnel in Forlorn Muskeg that connects to Mystery Lake.
*[ALL] Fixed issue that incorrectly allowed Placement of Clothing items on top of Fires.
*[ALL] Fixed issue preventing players from using the keyboard to select weapons during a Wolf Struggle.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue where players could incorrectly place items above NPCs, making the items appear to float.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue preventing players from picking up various loose Rifle Ammunition in Forlorn Muskeg.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept some objective information for the “Survival School” side missions from being visible to players.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue blocking the completion of the “Start a Fire” objective if a player had already placed a Campfire prior to the objective kicker appearing on screen.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed an issue where Mackenzie could become stuck near the cave to leave Milton at the end of Episode One.

User Interface

*[ALL] Fixed issue where, while Charcoal is equipped, the Ammunition UI would appear when bringing up Quick Stats.
*[ALL] Fixed issue that kept the New Location Discovered kicker from appearing after finding Mackenzie’s crashed plane.
*[ALL] Fixed issue where Clothing item slots would remain highlighted after closing the Clothing menu and switching between keyboard and gamepad.
*[ALL] Fixed issue where the HUD would display the Rifle Ammunition count on the wrong side of the screen when putting the Rifle away or switching equipped items.
*[ALL] Fixed issue causing text to overlap when the “RELOAD” command appears after equipping the Distress Pistol.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue causing overlapping text to display when interacting with Cairns.
*[SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue causing the Map screen to run out of memory and stop displaying icons for newly mapped locations.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed an issue with overlapping text on Jeremiah’s Storage Bin.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the incorrect name to display for some locations on the Save/Load screen.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Knowledge item for frozen corpses to be missing from the Journal after the tutorial kicker appears on screen.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed an issue where the wrong location would appear on-screen when inside the Bear Cave in Episode Two.
*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed an issue where the Journal would not update when Mackenzie retrieves the Bear Spear in the cave during the “What One Man Can Do” mission in Episode Two.


*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept the final Episode Two cinematic in Carter Dam from triggering if a player had an item in Placement mode as the sequence was about to begin.


*[ALL] Fixed an issue where changing key bindings could alter the appearance of the description text when equipping certain items.

Xbox One

*[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue preventing players from picking up the Storm Lantern and Torch from the shelf in Trapper’s Homestead at the beginning of Episode Two.

DaFu User
22. Jan 2019, 19:34 Uhr
Aus unterschiedlich Quellen gesaugt und jedesmal bricht die Installion des Updates mittendrin ab. Ist wohl ein Fix notwendig.

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