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Matrixxneo User
23. Jan 2019, 11:09 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.1:
Redistribution of perks work incorrectly - fixed

Improvements & Changes
Global optimization work done on the whole Granichny island
Durability re-worked: we’ve added durability settings in the Custom difficulty settings. Also, we’ve increased ranged weapon durability to 25-30%, and melee weaponry by 20-25%. Remember: at any time you can change the durability values in the Custom difficulty.
Equipment mechanics re-worked: you can now equip/unequip items by pressing RMB on the item’s icon. Items will automatically go into an available slot, and if all slots are full, will replace the first equipped item.
Sapsy Healing Salve now heals 20% of your total health, and only heals light injuries.
Owl-M2 now requires an X-workbench and Purple-Tier (Epic) items for crafting.

Issues with the color puzzle in Act 3, in some cases the puzzle wouldn’t work properly - fixed. If you’ve encountered this problem before, this patch should fix it retroactively.
In some cases, Act 2 and Act 3 would only begin upon restarting the game - fixed.
“Underground” Location - in some cases player used to fall through the terrain and die. Fixed - you are now being teleported to a safe location after the fall.
While looting, item marker didn’t automatically scroll up to the top of the list - fixed.
Flamethrower attacker’s sound could still be heard after his death - fixed
Marauders used to run into the fire from their own Molotovs - fixed.
“Double weapons” in one hand - fixed.
Weapons didn’t show while the Player is in the safe zone - it’s not a bug, but we still decided to change it, so that you wouldn’t be confused
One of the Teleport exit points wasn’t placed properly and resulted in Player’s death - fixed.
Kunai would disappear sometime after being thrown out of the inventory - fixed.
Interface prompts on the numpad lock weren’t localized in some cases - fixed.
Secret sponsor’s box didn’t appear in “Severnaya” Safe Zone after getting the required perk - fixed
“Regeneration” perk did not heal Back Pain - fixed.
Double weapons equipped by NL Captain - fixed.
Fixed loading issues in Bunker near the “Severnaya” safezone.
Marauders continued their voice line after death - fixed
After incinerator’s death, his sound still played - fixed
Hunter’s ambient sounds now turn off upon his death.
Fixed spots in “Oplot”, where you could hear the outside world, when you should not
> Added sounds to electric locks for granting / denying access
“Devourer” mod could not be created properly - saved.
“Oplot” could have some issues with loading - fixed.
Level design changes.
Issue with repairing the toolbox - fixed.
Perk master alchemist did not work correctly — fixed.


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