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Matrixxneo User
9. Feb 2019, 08:29 Uhr

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Update v1.2.0.0
Patch notes
Captains who run out of Fuel will now immediately notice and have an opportunity to take action, instead of remaining oblivious for several in-game days.
Must events at Brabazon and Polmear and Plenty's will no longer commingle surreally with shop inventories.
Terror cues are now attached to the SFX slider and can be muted.
The Ambient SFX volume no longer resets when launching the game.
Weapons will now fire while the cursor is over the heat bar.
Rockets and the Wrath of Heaven will no longer fire when clicking on HUD elements.
Gamepad controls are no longer present on screen when first loading a save file.
The bank interface will now update when equipping hold items.
The performance of the storylet panel has been greatly improved, particularly when a lot of text has been logged.
Quality requirement tooltips now display on the prospects.
Pending prospects for which you no longer meet the hand-in requirements now correctly display the image for the cargo they require.
Scroll arrows are now present on the character progression screen on 4K monitors.
Tooltips are no longer cut off on 4K monitors.
The number of Sovereigns displayed on the hold panel will now update immediately when items are bought or sold.
A captain who successfully escapes Eaters of the Dead will no longer be endlessly haunted by the sound of their jaws.
Agents that have just become hostile will no longer linger after death.
Port tooltips will no longer stop the locomotive from moving once the chart is closed.
Centre and side panel tooltips will no longer trigger when viewing the chart.
Locomotive movement will no longer become locked when opening the chart while in motion.
You can no longer interact with officers while the chart is open.
It is no longer possible to get stuck on the legacy screen when scrolling through the details of your inheritance.
Transferring items to the bank when you only have a single item in the hold now functions as intended.
Focus is now maintained on the Delete Save File confirmation window.
Focus is maintained on the character progression screen after passing on a legacy.
Focus is maintained on the hold after jettisoning items.
It is now always possible to navigate between all facets during character progression.
The option to sell Villainy Affiliation items to the Gentlemen will now appear correctly.
The Gentlemen will no longer offer you prospects with impossible deadlines.
The Tea for the Eagle's Empyrean prospect now grants a Moment of Inspiration, rather than setting Moments of Inspiration to one.
Dying while in possession of a Ravelling Jack will no longer prevent your next captain from buying one. However, the Royal Horological Office will only return half the deposit when you return a Jack to them.
When leaving the presence of the Pansekretis, if you were already in possession of your liver you will no longer have an additional liver inserted into you.
Completing the Truth ambition now unlocks a new facet: a Terrible Secret to plague your legacy.
The Corruption in the Court can now be completed: the Ombudsman will await captains at the Forge of Souls.
It is no longer possible to become trapped in the Trials of the Dead, however narratively appropriate that might be.
The Initiate of Carillon quest is now correctly tagged as complete when it is completed.
Captains may now commission the Orator's statue at Titania.
You may now return to the tour of Brabazon from the back streets – if you have enough time.
Hunting for the Verdance is now more challenging, and may require searching some additional locations.
Some minor inconsistencies in the Long Passage storyline have been resolved.
The Repentant Devil no longer lies about his qualifications when seeking employment.


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