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Matrixxneo User
10. Feb 2019, 18:50 Uhr

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Update v1.05:
New Events
We continue to expand the number of random events in the game. This should continue to make each playthrough even more unique and immerse you in the life of being a fleet commander on the Frontier. This has been a popular addition to the game, and we hope to continue to bring you more events. This patch adds another 5 random events to the pool.

Quality of Life Improvement
Today we have also added a pop-up box to inform you whenever new ships are available to be purchased. We know that it could be tedious checking the market after each story mission to see if there were new ships to buy.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where the Hellraiser didn't spawn dialogue.
Fixed a bug where the game could save on quitting the game for standard non-ironman games.
Fixed a bug on the checks for three achievements. They all can be gained now.
Fixed a bug where the Hellraiser pilot portrait could not appear in the Fleet Screen.

Update v1.04:
Steam Achievements
75 Achievements are now live and working. Almost all of these were already being tracked by the game, so when you first load up a new game you should automatically get credit for the ones you have already completed. We are happy to be able to support this feature now in this title like in all of our other games.

New Mercenary Mission
We have added another unique ship, the Hellraiser, who is sneaking around Crosius. This unique pirate carrier is sure to help late game fleets who are able to find and unlock it.

We slightly altered the deployment values of several of the mercenary ships. In addition we fixed the mission reward for unlocking the Scion. That mission is no longer worth zero.

Update v1.03:
Optional Mission Display
A user suggestion was that we hide all optional missions when there are none available, as they clutter up the interface. After talking about it, we saw no advantage to displaying all of the Optional Missions when a player has no Optional Deployments remaining. So, we have tweaked the display to hide optional missions when you can't take them.

Final Dialogue
Some of you had reached out to us with questions about how the game ended. To clarify the ending for all users we added a few lines of dialogue to the final conversation. Hope that clears everything up!

Added 9 New Bounty Missions
We heard from several of you that you thought the endgame could be too restrictive at the point where Bounty Missions stop showing up. Due to this it was possible for a campaign to get "stuck" very near the end. While some players appreciated the increased tension and resource management, we decided that giving more options to players near the end game would improve the experience for everyone.

To accomplish this we have added optional mission refresh to several of the later missions, along with 9 new high level bounty missions that randomly generate (plus two new simulator missions). These eleven new missions give you more opportunities to gain resources, experience and crew right before the final battle.

We hope the addition of these missions improves the late game experience.

Balance Changes
Slightly reduced the difficulty of the final mission.
Slightly reduced the difficulty of all Bounty Missions in Crosius.
Increased the drop rate of capital and escort crew members from all missions that drop a random crew member. You will now promote less fighter pilots.

Update v1.02:
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that caused the dialogue to sometimes not play. The entire story should always play on every setting combination now.
Fixed a bug where upgrading torpedoes on the Heartless could freeze the game.
Fixed a bug where two bounty missions could spawn without enemies.
Fixed a bug where the Find the Derelict Cruiser mission could take you to a late game cutscene.
Fixed a bug where the game could freeze while examining certain late game enemies.



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