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Matrixxneo User
11. Feb 2019, 08:20 Uhr

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Update v1.17:
New Events
We continue to expand the number of random events in the game. This should continue to make each playthrough even more unique and immerse you in the life of being a fleet commander on the Frontier. This has been a popular addition to the game, and we hope to continue to bring you more events. This patch adds another 5 random events to the pool.

Quality of Life Improvement
Today we have also added a pop-up box to inform you whenever new ships are available to be purchased. We know that it could be tedious checking the market after each story mission to see if there were new ships to buy.

Update v1.16:
Optional Mission Display
A user suggestion was that we hide all optional missions when there are none available, as they clutter up the interface. After talking about it, we saw no advantage to displaying all of the Optional Missions when a player has no Optional Deployments remaining. So, we have tweaked the display to hide optional missions when you can't take them.

We have improved shadows from the main light sources on all levels. These will be disabled on the lowest two quality settings.

Balance Changes
Slightly reduced the difficulty of all late game Bounty Missions in the Alliance Campaign. This should improve the flow of the later missions.
Increased the drop rate of capital and escort crew members from all missions that drop a random crew member. You will now promote less fighter pilots.

Bug Fixes
Fixed the mission description for Federation Story Mission 14
Removed several rogue Alliance Warships that had gone wandering

Update v1.15:
External Save Files:
For a small number of our customers they were concerned with the save location of the game using the Unity default. To address this we have written an entirely new back end save system for Steel Shadows that will save to an easily accessible external folder.

With today's patch, Ancient Frontier will now also use a hybrid of the original save system and the new system from Steel Shadows. That means that if you start a new game you can now find your save files. Going forward save files are located at:

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Fair Weather Studios\Ancient Frontier\

Your old save files will continue to work! From within the game there should not appear to be any difference between the new and the old system. This will only impact people that want to find their save files manually on their hard drive.

New Events!
This patch brings three new events for you to experience on your travels through the Frontier. We could say more, but that would spoil the surprises.

Graphic Enhancements

We made several enhancements to the level artwork in this patch. This mostly had to do with skybox tearing or bugs in the background textures. In addition some of the lighting has been tweaked.

Bug Fixes
We believe we have fixed the bug where not all of the events would show up for players depending on when the game was created.
Fixed several bugs related to equipment on AI ships.
Fixed a minor display bug on the deployment and fleet management screens that was introduced with the support of 4k televisions.

Update v1.14:
Greetings Commanders!

Today we reveal the new Outrigger ship the Manticore class heavy cruiser. This appears along with several new missions where you fight the Outriggers in the Alliance campaign. Finally, we have addressed a few minor bugs.

The Manticore
This massive heavy cruiser is constructed at a secret location known only to the Outrigger engineers. Packed with stolen modern weaponry the Manticore is one of the most modern ships on the Frontier.

The primary weapons of the Manticore are twin Coil Cannons. Coil technology was originally developed for the Federation by the Outriggers, and they kept the blueprints of the technology. Coil Cannons are long range, accurate weapons that add extra shield damage. As primary weapons the main guns allow the cruiser to deal heavy damage even through shields.

Located in the center of the chassis is a massive Drive Harpoon. The harpoon is a perfect weapon that compliments the scavenging ways of the Outriggers. It drains the energy from the main engines of its target, reducing its movement to a crawl. This allows the Manticore to stun its prey before moving in for the kill and eventual juicy salvage.

These weapons are backed up by an imposing set of quad Shredder Cannons. This is stolen technology from the Pirate clans, and serves the Manticore well. It provides very high damage at short range for engagements that close in.

All of this weaponry makes the Manticore very capable in duels with other capital ships. What really sets the ship apart, however, is its anti-fighter abilities.

First, it houses a pair of hanger bays. These typically house two Gunship heavy fighter squadrons. However there are rumors that there are Manticore captains that prefer to use lighter Explorer squadrons to better scout out targets to ambush.

Second, it uses a massive battery of eight pulse laser turrets. Pulse laser technology is closely guarded by the Federation and the High Temple on Mars, and how the Outriggers were able to steal this coveted piece of technology is unknown. The turrets allow the Manticore to deal with enemy fighters even if it loses its own squadrons.

All of this makes the Manticore an ideal flagship for an Outrigger fleet. While rare, the few that do exist are very deadly.

New Missions
There are a total of 4 new missions available in the Alliance campaign. All of the missions are optional Bounty missions, but they give the Alliance player more options for the enemies they face.

There is one new mission in Tarsis, two missions in Hadron, and one new mission in Cygnus. Hopefully these missions add a few more choices and a little more variety to this mid game stretch of the campaign.

In addition Outrigger forces (and related rewards) have been increased in missions for both campaigns in Tarsis, Arx, Hadron and Cygnus. The Outriggers are out in force. Beware of the Manticore!

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug (again!) where the tutorial would crash upon beating the second mission.
Fixed a bug where collecting items was not registering in a Federation story mission in the Externus sector.

Update v1.13:
Graphic Enhancements
With this patch we have made several changes to the display of the UI in all of the ship management screens. The UI will appear larger on most resolutions, and should lead to a better experience when playing at a variety of 2k and 4k resolutions.

In addition we made changes that should allow the game to play on most TV monitors the same way it plays on computer monitors.

Balance Changes
Reduced the difficulty of most pirate missions in the Alliance campaign.
Changed how resource collection is tracked so that only the specific resource needed for the mission counts for completion. In the past it was possible for a player to get in a no-win scenario if the AI picked up too many resources. However, a long time ago we made a change where resources picked up by the AI ships counted toward quest completion. With that change, we can again revert resource collection objectives to only count specific resources.
Changed the AI to care more about its own life when attacking. There should be less suicide runs now.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where if you saved the game on the Market, and then tried to start a new game the game could crash.
Fixed a bug where clicking on hexes 5 or 6 spaces away from your ship would not register unless you moved the camera.
Improved a bug where the AI could attack you from very far away. This should happen much more rarely than it already did.
Fixed the "skip turn" bug that could sometimes appear. Note: This is the fourth time we have attempted to address this bug. This time around we made some very drastic changes behind the scenes to stop it from happening. As there is no dependable way to reproduce the bug, we are sort of shooting in the dark, but we are feeling good about this attempt. If you continue to see this bug please let us know.


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