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Matrixxneo User
9. Mär 2019, 18:44 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v2.0:
A New game mode is available now!
Fight against one of the five main factions in skirmish battles. Try to defeat your enemies in a different matchup.

2 different maps will be available to play. Both of them feature a well-rounded balanced 4-plateau base.
Each one of the playing sides will get one of the corners of the map.
Map slots are dynamic and can be changed in the menu by clicking on the "team" number button.

All Skirmish enemies have unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Find out what to use against whom and who to dominate all of your foes.
You can select 3 difficulties for your AI as well as the usual map "multiplier" difficulty in the bar on the right side of the skirmish selection menu.

Unique buildings for special units include:
The Heraklion Cave, the Breeding Pool, Science Tower (Crow), the Slave Tradepost, the Supreme Cavity, the Greek Barracks, the Tyrant bar and the Bandit camp.

Skirmishes can only be won by destroying all enemy capitols on the map.

All the Factions have unique buildings which will have unique functionalities.

All Factions have special ways of playing the game: The Tyrant has 4 different sets of tactics that he is willing to use: Helot rush, Mass spam military buildings and expanding with turrets, Decoy attacking with small amounts of troops to follow up with his actual army shortly after.

Different areas of focus for AI Factions: The Crow tries to upgrade his units as much as possible and focuses on techonolgy, the Talesteller tries to expand as much as he can and fortifies himself, the Pharao builds the largest empire and is focused on creating a balanced and sustained economy, the Maggot tries to harass you as much as possible and focuses on creating proxy bases. And finally, the Tyrant who just likes to build torture devices everywhere lol.

2 Brand new Unit Types:
Two new enemy units will join the hordes forces: The Icarus, a flying elite unit with rapid attacks. The Brawler, a strong pike-wielding melee unit with immense attacking speed!

Endless Survival Mode
You'll now be able to challenge yourself in one of the 4 available classic maps in the endless survival mode.

The endless survival mode offers new customization options for wave frequency, enemy strength scaling and fast technology. Also a new resource option for those who want to get a headstart in the game. (Colossal)

All classic maps have been unlocked! Now everyone can try to beat the difficult multi-directional attacks on map 2 & 3.

The difficulties have been reworked again. The tourist difficulty should be doable for almost everyone now, it's much more newbie friendly.

Gameplay Updates
Huge changes for selection, interface and gameplay

Units don't have the overly aggressive stance anymore. Your command has the highest priority, this took a lot of work but it finally changes as a lot of people requested this.

I didn't expect that function to have bothered many since it was intentionally designed in a way that you wouldn't have to micro your units in combat.

Now with the update 2.0, this won't be the case anymore. You can now directly control units without temporarily losing control over them.

Unit HP bars, Enemy HP bars and building HP bars have been adjusted and most of them ended up being smaller and less annoying.

Villager rally has improved, the last time this was done, villagers would still end up circling around their resource depot. This has been improved but not entirely fixed yet.

Villagers stop working after losing their original resource, this only happens sometimes but with this update, it should happen even less frequently

AI Units pathfinding in dense areas has improved, especially for large units like lion tamers and cavalry.

Multi-selection has been improved, I found out that the issues connected to this particular problem are mostly linked to FPS and mouse navigation speed.

If this issue persists, try increasing your mouse sensitivity.

The Structure upgrade has been misinterpreted by many as just a means to improve productivity. But it is the main and only way to repair a building. It restores the buildings HP and increases it slightly.

Structure placement has been radically improved. The many cases of "not being able to place the building on free terrain" are now history. This has been completely resolved, and you'll be able to build freely on open terrain.

The tavern now has a unique feature to hire one of the base units for a reduced prize. These will rotate over time.
Unit HP bugs have been fixed. Some minor bugs with the display of HP were fixed.
The faction boni were not displayed correctly, that was fixed as well.

Balance changes
Lots of balance changes with this update:

Cost of barracks reduced
Sight tower range increased by 350
Collossos: Pop 8 -> 7, Gold 400 -> 350, Weapons 50 -> 45
Goliath: Food 400 -> 325, Stone 100 -> 50
Heavy Shielder: Gold 45 -> 35, Ore 60 -> 55
Elite Shielder: Gold 70 -> 50, Ore 65 -> 40
Guardian: Gold 275 -> 250, Ore 175 -> 150
Eternal Templar: Gold 250 -> 150, Favor cost increased
Shadow Templar: Gold 350 -> 250, Favor cost increased
Myrmidons: Gold 350 -> 325
Militia stats: Attack 7- > 10, new HP 75


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