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14. Mär 2019, 12:08 Uhr

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Update v1.2.8:
Changes & Improvements
Saving system of DESOLATE is improved. The full saving and loading functionality is available for Solo Mode and for Co-Op mode a host has an access to saving.

Screenshot mode added. To remove UI you can press Alt+0 or enable it in the Pause Menu -> Settings -> Display. Even though DESOLATE was released quite a while ago, we’re still really happy to see your beautiful screenshots. We hope this feature will be a useful asset for those who capture the beauty of Granichni island.

Hosts are now able to kick players from the game session or ban them. To do that, right-click on the player while holding TAB.

Sound issues are fixed and a new ambient in Blindman’s Boss Room.
Level Design issues, visual bugs — fixed
Optimized terrain for better player experience
Numerous technical bugs — fixed

Update v1.2.7:
New features and fixes
Increased UI performance (fixed several issues which caused freezes when opening some of the UI screens).
Blank weapon could be picked up in some cases — we fixed some of the issues which caused the weapon to spawn.
Lootable containers were displayed as full, if a player looted them and returned to the location earlier than new loot is spawned — fixed.
Traumas could be changed by a pneumatic lift or anomalies teleporting the player — fixed.
There was a question mark in Chernovsk which did not disappear after players discovered the location — fixed.
Limit for the enemy damage in custom difficulty was increased to 600%.
We have added “AI health” to the custom difficulty options.
During faction fights event the winning party despawened after the fight — we have reworked this mechanic and now they stay in the world and can fight the player.
We have added the scrollbar to the “Research” tab.
The notification about new blueprints for the stimulators was added every time the game started — fixed.
Several fixes and optimization in different locations of the map.
Several fixes for sounds.

Update v1.2.5:
Changes & Improvements
Finalized work on Item Sorting mechanic. Instruments are now included in the “Crafting” category, along with materials neccessary for item crafting. Added a category for item without a specific use (Junk). Ammunition can be found under the “Weapons” category.
Increased item stacks - you can now stack up to 20 Consumable items, and up to 100 other stackable items.
The Journal now includes a scroll bar
If you throw a weapon with the “Viking” perk equipped, the weapon will be highlighted, making it easier for you to find it.
Performance Improvements.

A notification popped up in the “Research” tab, even when the creature’s Research rank was already maxed out - fixed.
UI issue, in which your NPC Rank would appear as Level 7, when it actually was Level 5 - fixed.
Materials (Snow, for example) would in some cases get layered on top of the weapon mod - fixed.
Items in the Inventory screen would in some cases randomize - fixed.
Jump attacks would not attack Dorgs properly in some cases - fixed.
The amount of repairs on weapons would in some cases be displayed incorrectly - fixed.
In some cases creatures would teleport back to their spawn area, instead of running back - fixed.
Stealth kills now work correctly, locking you out of movement for a proper amount of time.
Missing sounds in Pneumo-Elevators - fixed.
If re-connecting to the game, Engineer quests could remove items from Player’s inventory, despite the quest being complete - fixed.
Combat music would in some cases get “stuck” and not play properly - fixed.
Level Design fixes
Localization fixes.
Fixes to some of the bugs that caused the game to crash.


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