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14. Mär 2019, 12:09 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v2.3:
Added Russian language subtitles and UI
Added French language subtitles and UI
Added Japanese language subtitles and UI
Added medium option to Post Processing option in menu. This option disables dynamic depth of field
Added confirmation prompt for starting a new game and overwrite old game
Added a level select screen to the continue option from the main menu. This will only show up once the player has finished the game. It allows the player to continue from any area of the game while retaining collectable progress. Note: If you have a save where you have finished the game, you will need to complete the last level again to trigger this option. Triggered on credits rolling
Added gamepad rumble to some impacts and kills
Made a few objects interactable that weren’t before
Added a new clue to a difficult part of the game
Added new sound effects including UI sounds
Wind now affects the trees in the woods
Added two new ‘scare’ moments that can occur at random
Added some rogue shadows
Four profile images added to Steam
Made accommodations in UI for the addition of more languages

Fixed an issue where the phone would ring to offer a clue but would play another audio file instead of the clue
Fixed an issue in the menus where buttons highlight incorrectly
Fixed an issue where gamepad selection in menus didn’t show until selection took place
Fixed an issue where clipping would occur when crouching in front of a vent
Fixed a bug where hugging a wall and hiding under a table could cause the player to clip through that wall
Fixed a bug where instructions would not show correctly when reading books
Fixed a bug where sliding a box would trigger an unintended event
Fixed instances where decal textures were stretching over geometry causing an ugly stretch effect
Fixed an instance where an ambient sound would suddenly cut off
Fixed a few instances where crouching could cause clipping with some objects due to the size of their collision box
Fixed an issue where on occasion, loading screen text wouldn’t show until the load was finished
Fixed an instance where objective text wouldn’t display correctly after death in one particular part of the game
Fixed instances where examined object was too close to the camera
Fixed instances where the flashlight was too weak when examining some objects
Fixed an issue where tutorial text would overlap with subtitle text in very specific instances
Fixed an instance where incorrect subtitles were shown
Fixed a few minor lighting discrepancies where meshes were incorrectly lit
Fixed an issue where picking up a flashlight during a sequence could cause the game to become stuck
Fixed a clipping issue with shower curtains being affected by wind
Fixed a bug where you could un-pause the game while watching a tutorial causing the pause menu to close while the tutorial screen stayed open

Limited the number of active lights in some levels for a small performance gain
Removed some assets from memory when they’re no longer going to be used in some areas of the game resulting in a minor performance increase
Lowest post processing option (medium) now disables dynamic depth of field. This option can see a performance gain on older PCs in certain areas of the game
Lowest post processing option (medium) now disables effects in scenes with heavy post processing. This results in better performance on older PCs in certain areas of the game
Reduced the amount of texture memory needed overall. This will help users with less video memory to maintain fidelity

Reduced font size on text overlay/plain text as some text would get cut off if the string was too long
A key objective will now flash where it didn’t before
A couple of key moments have been retimed
Removed and replaced an ambient track that was causing issues with the YouTube content ID system
Fixed a few typos
Updated discrepancies with a couple of in game documents
Updated end credits
Cleaned up gamepad UI button images
Radios will not begin their broadcast until the player is within earshot

Update v2.2:
Fixed a bug where crouching and then un-crouching while examining an object or taking a photo could cause the interaction system to bug out making doors and other objects no longer respond to input
Fixed a bug that forced the player to stand if crouched after an object interaction takes place
Fixed an instance where the player can get stuck on the trap door
Fixed Teledex and books showing double prompts when using game pad
Fixed an issue causing subtitles to remain on screen
Fixed instances where the inventory was not displaying correctly
Fixed a bug that would allow the player to press a button on the game pad during the warning screen to launch the game without being able to see the menu
Fixed a few instances of mesh/asset clipping with the environment
Fixed an issue were AI pathfinding was inaccurate in one part of the house
Fixed an issue where ducking under a wolfs head and standing would cause clipping

Very minor optimisation improvements

Changed subtitles allowing them to show immediately when within range rather than at the start of a new sentence
Door code will automatically reset when player disengages interaction. This means on each new interaction with the door code, it will be reset and ready to receive a new code
Re-timed gamepad rumble
Re-timed a moment where Crave appears
On screen prompts will now double check the input device in real time. If the game has detected a gamepad but you’re using a mouse, the system will change prompts to reflect the input device being used

Added subtle breath sounds to some heartbeat/scare moments moments
Added gamepad rumble to some impacts and kills

Update v2.1:
Reduced the dynamic light contribution to volumetric fog for a minor performance gain
Disabled volumetric shadow casting for a minor performance gain

Additions and changes:
Added new sound effects
Re-timed diorama sound-scapes to make them more immediately relevant
Intro ambient tracks have been layered with more sound effects and ambiance
New sounds added to ghost for specific situations
Enhanced a few key moments with sound and gamepad rumble
Updated Massimo’s studio with more detail
Packed away the holiday decorations

Fixed collision on hospital beds that have an inhabitant
Fixed an issue where some drawer contents were stuck in place
Fixed a few graphical bugs, irregularities and asset placement
Fixed an instance where the TV was trying to reference a missing audio file
Fixed an instance where prompts would fade in and out rather than staying on screen
Fixed an instance where the player crouched under debris at the start of the game could stand up and cause clipping
Fixed light baking irregularities
Fixed a clipping watermelon
Fixed an instance where a light switch would turn on the incorrect light
Fixed the way TV glow contributes light to fog so it doesn’t look irregular
Fixed speaker box buttons in diorama section so they can be turned on and off
Fixed a bug where button prompts would show incorrectly for gamepad when looking at books
Fixed a bug where if the rumble on gamepad is active on a level load, the gamepad would sometimes get stuck rumbling for the duration of the load
Fixed a bug where the plain text prompt would be visible on book pages that don’t contain text
Fixed an instance where an event could be triggered from the floor above the event
Built in a redundancy to make the interaction system more reliable


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