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Matrixxneo User
14. Mär 2019, 12:06 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.0.9:
Fiery Soul Cutter effect no longer works when disarmed.
Fixed issue with action bar slots disappearing. This might also have issues with mixed positions on game loading. A general overhaul was done to the action bar back end. The game should automatically migrate to maintain backwards compatibility with your current action bar distribution.
Fixed issue with throw/confirm key binding. Now both can be bind separately.
Bezerker should not whirlwind to unknown locations anymore?
Spell power change due to staffs now properly shows in character sheet.
Improving rings of resistance at the forge now properly improves that specific resistance type. This will only happen with rings generated after the patch.
Amounts are now correctly reflected on the action bar when selling something mapped to it.
Static items(manually placed) should have the same weight as randomly generated ones.
Removed some weird item and lever glitch from late game level.
Fixed bug that could cause a freeze when 2 greater ghouls where near each other.
Getting out of Bear form into another for other than humanoid no longer heals the character in terms of relative hp.
Fixed some typos.

Mana pool now only influenced by Int.
Rings of resistance will now provide better buffs.
Increased return damage on shields with such modifiers.
Tandor shadow tower boss damage increased by 10%.
Weapons of higher tiers now drop somewhat earlier.
Multi shot no longer wastes ammo on dead targets.
Added diminishing returns on energy drain of abilities. This should prevent any scenario (except overweight) where you get drained really hard.
Final Boss:
Nature's twister now does its damage after the target hits the last location.
Troll brute damage spikes reduced by reducing its damage deviation.
In Easy enemies are now slower and do less damage (not only critical blows).
In Hard enemies are now faster and do slightly more damage (not only critical blows).

Multiple action bars are now a thing. Active action bar can be changed through mouse click or keyboard shortcut. While the game will attempt to preserve your current setup you might need to reassign some abilities/items

You can now assign any usable item, ability or spell to the action bar by pressing the action bar shortcut from the corresponding screens.
Changed the positioning and structure of the version in the main menu. Added discord link.
Art of wands was flipped horizontally so its now easier to visually parse them from staves/spears.
When you selling/buying items from the merchant the scroll does not reset anymore.
Scrolling won't reset anymore in the inventory window and detailed pickup window.
Right clicking an item in the inventory now drops the item.
You can now zoom while targeting an ability.
Added the character's current satiation amount to the healthiness status effect tool tip.
Updated underlying game engine (unity) version.



14. Mär 2019, 11:46 Uhr
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