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Matrixxneo User
14. Mär 2019, 22:25 Uhr

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Update v1.5.0:
File corruption issues have been addressed and force quitting during shutdown will no longer potentially cause multiple issues, including the loss of contracts in the command center.
Mac users should now be unblocked if their volume of save files becomes large.
We've reduced some delays for MechWarrior combat VOs and camera moves to speed the pace of combat.

Fixed an issue where the user could become stuck if none of the user’s remaining ‘Mechs were operational or all of the user’s MechWarriors were injured. The issue occurred in Flashpoints with consecutive deployment missions and in consecutive deployment late in the story campaign playthrough.
Fixed an issue where some missions could not be completed when an enemy 'Mech failed to load.
Unit Flags are now properly deleted on unit destruction.
Multiplayer no longer desyncs each round if the host and guest use different decimal separators based on language.
Enemy 'Mechs no longer get shut down after using JumpJets when being deployed in specific Capture Base contracts.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: LRM variants stability damage has been corrected.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: Trebuchet TBT-5N now has correct max armor for the Center Torso.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: Zeus ZEU-6S now has the correct number of max Jump Jets.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: Atlas AS7-D AC/20 ammo is now correctly located in the right torso instead of in the legs. It should now be more difficult to get a knockdown or incapacitate the Atlas.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: ER-PPC's now properly have sensor degradation effects.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: Crab CRB-27 is no longer slower than intended.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: The BL-6-KNT's PPC no longer appears in the wrong location on its right arm.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: Atlas AS7-D and AS7-D-HT Center Torso internal structure and max armor values are no longer off by 5.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: Several PVP MechWarriors are no longer missing traits.
COMMUNITY REPORTED: The weapon mounts for the head location on the Crab no longer appear incorrectly.
Destroyed enemy units no longer become targetable after loading a combat save.
The store icon on the star map now displays properly after becoming an ally with Magistracy Of Canopus or Taurian Concordat.
Store prices in the Black Market are now affected by your reputation with the Pirates faction. The System owner's reputation price modifier is no longer applied.
Achievement - "I Thought You Were Dead" can now be obtained, however it is not granted retroactively.
Achievement - "Professional Scavenger" can now be obtained, however it is not granted retroactively.
Vehicle nameplates no longer remain visible if destroyed with a single attack.
Fixed two issues that might cause a softlock to occur during the story campaign.
Many issues relating to the Big Steel Claw have been resolved.
An event involving antivirals now works properly.
Numerous localization issues have been cleaned up or resolved.

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