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23. Apr 2019, 17:23 Uhr

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Update v17.12920:
Led by Brok and Eitria, two spirited siblings, the Clan of the Horse are a quiet and sturdy people. They are also recognized by all as the best craftsmen and women of the known world.

Starting Bonuses
Eitria and Brok are the 2 clan Warchiefs, they can be recruited in the Forge, instead of the usual Military Camps, for 150 , no needed
Both Warchiefs can fight, mine ore and forge
Warchief mining and forge speed +10%
The Clan does not have access to Mines, Miners or Smiths
Völund's Forge replaces the regular Forge
Villagers build and repair buildings 25% faster

Fame Bonuses
When you gain more fame, the clan of the Horse will get the following exclusive rewards:
Thane : Craftsmen - Fame 200
Upgraded tools get an additional +5% production bonus
Selling or gives 20% more and trading partner gets twice the amount of those resources
Jarl : Legacy of the Earth - Fame 500
You can build a second Relic
Two and two deposits are discovered in your territory

The Horse clan has its own Relic, the two swords Dainsleif & Tyrfing. This Relic allows your warchiefs to gain +20% , +20% , +20% , +20% mining and +20% forge speed.

Völund's Forge
The regular forge is replaced by Völund's Forge. Upgrading this forge will increase the forging speed by 20%.

Eitria and Brok: The Builders
Eitria and Brok are the clan of the Horse’s Warchiefs. They can be recruited from Völund's Forge for 150 each, without any . They are at the center of the Clan mechanics, mainly because they are the only ones able to mine and , and Forge Tools, Weapons and Relics.

To mine a deposit with one of the Warchiefs (or with both), no need to build a mine, just assign them directly to the ore.

When an enemy enters the tile, the Warchiefs stop forging or mining and automatically attack their opponent. Once the fight is over, they go back to mining or forging.

At the beginning of a game, both Eitria and Brok have the same stats:
13 , 10 , 75

The Clan of the Horse has 5 exclusive lore:

Replaces Mining Efficiency.

Warchiefs mining and forge speed is increased by 40%.

Great Tower
Replaces Defense Strategy.

Allows you to upgrade your WatchTowers a second time +50% and +50% structure defense. The second upgrade costs the same as the first one.

Replaces Erudition.

Mining with Eitria or Brok will grant a certain amount of . Each Warchief mining or earns +4 , and +6 if you have discovered Metalcraft.

Ancestral Influence
Relics don’t use a building slot. Each Relic gives a +5% production bonus in the tile they’re built in and in the surrounding tiles.

Quality of Life
+1 per territory with upgraded civilian buildings (except houses)

Constructing a building (of any type) is now forbidden in a conflict zone (war or decolonization)
During the campaign, you can now skip the introduction cinematic
An option now allows you to disable the profanity filter during a multiplayer game
Lorestone and Circle of Lorestone now have an icon when no loremaster are assigned, like other buildings
You can now change the shadow quality: none - low - medium - high - very high

Great Defense
Control 5 upgraded towers lvl 2

Build 2 relics in the same game

Win 1 game

Horse Master
Win 50 games

Clan of the Bear
Shield Mastery Tech: Shield Bearers is now increased by 10% (instead of 15%)

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