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Matrixxneo User
23. Apr 2019, 17:19 Uhr

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Update v1.03 Rev 98285:
Bug Fixes
Fixed Market Manipulation raids not spawning the intended trade routes.
Fixed issues that caused the “Modernize” action for buildings to fail.
Fixed invisible enemy units that could lead to neverending attacks.
Removed the “Modernize All” button from upgrade tabs of some buildings, as it became redundant after we introduced the “Crtl+LMB” keybinding for the same action.
Players can now also hold the Shift key to apply upgrades, budgets and workmodes to all buildings of the same type.
Crash Fixes
Fixed a crash that could occur when signing the constitution.
Fixed some rare gameplay-related crashes.
Fixed several technical crashes.
Fixed crashes for Multiplayer games.
Known Issues
Technical Issues:

We are aware that some users who have Asus Aura drivers installed experience crashes either on startup or during gameplay.
We are working on tracking down what is causing these crashes and to offer a solution as soon as possible.
In the meantime, if you are experiencing crashes, please check if you have Asus Aura drivers installed and if uninstalling them solves the issues for you.
The game can crash if players attempt to resize their window during a loading screen
Linux: Random crashes on startup can occur
The achievement “Terraformer” does not unlock correctly
The achievement “Been there, Done That” does not unlock correctly
Presentation Issues:

El Presidente can be shown walking sideways and there can be issues with election speeches, e.g. El Presidente facing in the wrong direction.
Empty shacks can quickly appear and disappear on the map.
Gameplay Issues:

RMG: Entering invalid Seeds or Share Codes can lead to flawed RMG maps.
The pathfinding and spawning of rebels during Guerilla attacks can be flawed.
Loading a savegame can lead to a change in the player’s support rating.
Market Manipulation trade routes for import are more efficient than intended. This will be adjusted in a future patch.
The metro upgrade for the airport causes Tropicans and tourists to get stuck.
Loading a savegame will solve the problem shortly. Therefore, we recommend to not purchase the upgrade and build a regular Metro Station instead.

Raids are displayed in the overview tab for clients, even if they are completed.
Clients can see the host’s palace construction info.
4-player matches are sometimes not as stable/well-performing as 2- and 3-player matches.


23. Apr 2019, 17:17 Uhr
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