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Matrixxneo User
29. May 2019, 08:59 Uhr

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Update v1.3.0.19:
Changed named item stat generation numbers slightly to create higher quality named items in general, and better light and medium armors in particular. Only applies to items generated after this update.
Changed value of most beast trophies to be higher.
Fixed potentially wrong starting XP of characters in 'Deserter' origin.
Fixed 'Gash' skill used for attacks of opportunity instead of 'Slash' skill.
Fixed visual glitch when a disarmed character's shield is hit.
Fixed world map generator failing on some rare map seeds that result in little water.
Fixed issue with 'Lone Wolf' origin when having two hedge knights in the roster and no other backgrounds.
Fixed various minor issues.

Update v1.3.0.18:
Changed Swordmaster champions to perform better against heavily armored characters, as to make them a threat more equal to other kinds of human champions.
Fixed duel twist of 'Drive off barbarians' contract not working properly if the opponent happens to be a champion.
Fixed some legendary locations not being placable on some rare map seeds.
Fixed reminder event after satisfying prerequisites for entering the Goblin City potentially firing after the city has already been destroyed.
Fixed potential issue with crossbowman with the 'Hex' effect killing both himself and a Hexe that is to act next.
Fixed potentially wrong daily wage cost displayed in tooltip when starting a new campaign until equipment was changed once or you entered your first battle.
Fixed various minor things.

Update v1.3.0.17:
Changed barbarian named armor and helmet base stats to be based on regular items, and no longer the heavier barbarian items, as to make for named loot of higher quality. Only applies to items generated after this update.
Fixed named Khopesh not working with Double Grip.
Fixed main menu components getting in the way of buttons with very low resolutions.
Fixed tooltip of opponents sometimes incorrectly displaying "Turn done" when in fact that opponent is merely waiting to act again later this turn.
Fixed issue with barbarian AI getting stuck under specific circumstances.
Fixed potentially incorrect button labels with 'Cultists' origin sacrifice event.
Fixed Antidote item not curing all stacks of poison.
Fixed various minor issues.

Update v1.3.0.16:
Changed main menu to nudge new players towards picking the right difficulty and origin for their first time playing the game.
Changed minimum contract reward irrespective of renown to be slightly higher.
Changed chance for additional beast trophies with 'Beast Slayers' origin to 50%, up from 25%. The chance to get an additional trophy from the Kraken is increased to 100%.
Changed 'Beast Slayer' background to have higher resolve.
Fixed locations sometimes changing their garrison between reading their tooltip and attacking them.
Fixed various minor things.


28. May 2019, 23:35 Uhr
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