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Matrixxneo User
11. Jun 2019, 14:44 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.1:
Added: Receptionist perk and salesman perk added.
Added: Multi-queue system
Added: When staff's raise request is rejected, the staff will not immediately quit.
Added: Negative perks
Added: Support for auto renewal of coupons and discounts.
Added: game time control with space key.
Added: Staff management windows shows staff's current status.
Added: Fireplaces will now dry/burn nearby plants.
Added: Staff location button will center camera to staff.
Added: Two new achievements
Added: Staff feedback on his/her wage
Added: Negative perks can be cured via the staff training room.
Improved: When staff is dropped to staff training room, training window will be prompted.
Improved: Negative feedback show negative emoji's.
Improved: Guest's waiting impact in terms of happiness can be seen in feedback history.
Improved: Telportation center and shared guest room prices increased.
Improved: Lobby performance optimization.
Improved: Performance optimization.
Improved: Reworked UI memory allocation.
Improved: Adjusted how interior scores are calculated.
Improved: Interior scores now scale with difficulty.
Improved: Furniture placement smoothing.
Improved: Global illumination performance increase.
Improved: Bench queue and waiting policy.
Improved: Earth quake damage model.
Improved: Staff happiness/wage change every month is indicated on the quick AI panel.
Improved: General difficulty adjustment.
Improved: Staff happiness scales more with difficulty.
Improved: 1440p resolution and up get better spacing of UI.
Improved: Staff training panel prompts during pause.
Improved: Some physics driven animations are now driven by animators.
Improved: Reception Desk waiting animation added.
Improved: 10~20FPS increase in general.
Improved: Frame rate dropping when time is set to "fast".
Improved: Thinned the steam particle effect for spa baths for better visibility.
Improved: Guest interaction at shop's counter.
Improved: Staff pathing when area restriction is set.
Improved: Thought bubble rendering optimization.
Improved: Loaded game camera will be at the game from now on.
Fixed: Spa feedback showing wrong text.
Fixed: Increased spa wait time tolerance from 2 to 5 seconds.
Fixed: Floor space text showing "guest room" for split second before building commences.
Fixed: Able to click complete room button twice.
Fixed: Piano not accumulating damage/use count.
Fixed: Loading taking unusually long at 95%
Fixed: Repositioned admin office text.
Fixed: Level 6 dwarf mentioning reputation being low when reputation is not a win condition.
Fixed: Loading menu columns showing wrong size on ultra wide resolutions.
Fixed: Camera jumping when the long tavern sign is clicked.
Fixed: Level 10 achievement not being unlocked.
Fixed: Negative perk description window not positioning at the correct place.
Fixed: Player avatar not displayed on the bottom menu.
Fixed: Fireplace range not showing up when prompted for moving it.
Fixed: Inspection letter and cycle not being loaded for saved game.
Fixed: Staff perk gained while the staff panel is up is not shown.
Fixed: Able to interrupt room vacation.
Fixed: Furniture panel not updating after repairs if panel was on during repairs.
Fixed: Inconsistent furniture placement.
Fixed: Staff wage text will wrap if more than 999.
Fixed: Gold not displaying separation commas if the value is bigger than 999,999.
Fixed: Annual report not displaying separation commas.
Fixed: Incorrect description of teleportation center.
Fixed: Incorrect description of rogues at range.
Fixed: Clerk third job toggle.
Fixed: Quick message audio clipping.
Fixed: Able to edit staff area even when they are fired.
Fixed: Able to pause during loading.
Fixed: Upon gaining Master Dealer perk, the Apprentice Dealer perk become trainable.
Fixed: Picking up staff in the lowered walkway keeps the staff at lowered height.
Fixed: Guest staying in one spot after losing a fight.


11. Jun 2019, 14:15 Uhr
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