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12. Jul 2019, 11:00 Uhr

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====================================== v1.7.3 ========================================

1.7.3 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for Breaking Ground changelog)

+++ Improvements
* Added same vessel part collisions advanced tweakable.
* Adjusted KerbalEVA Action messages to be above center screen.
* Made KerbalEVA screen position configurable via Game Settings - EVA_SCREEN_MESSAGE_X,EVA_SCREEN_MESSAGE_Y
* Add ability to switch secondary docking ports (docked) to primary via the PAW.
* Add advanced tweakable to docking ports that allows the user to set the attraction force percentage as they are docking.
* Convert same vessel docking connections to real docked connections whenever the vessel undocks or decouples elsewhere on the vessel.
* Remove from symmetry functionality added to all parts.
* Add capability for text entry on float fields in the Part Action Window.
* Clear some references on returning to the main menu to release memory.
* Add ExternalCmdSeat Ejection Force (advanced tweakable).
* Add Leave Seat KSPAction.

+++ Localization
* Fix Contracts using Greek alphabet from failing to display when game set to Russian Language.

+++ Bug Fixes
* Fix maneuver node tabs being interactable in flight mode even when tabs are hidden.
* Fix temperature renderer messing with child part renderer parameters.
* Fix EVA portrait when launching a vessel with Kerbal in external command seat.
* Fix kerbal highlighting during mouse over.
* Fix radiator panels not rotating properly.
* Fix loss of axis and extended action group data when copying parts in the editor.
* Fix assigned action/axis bindings not highlighting in action group editor when action sets are enabled.
* Fix part positioning errors on vessel spawning far from Unity Origin.

+++ Mods
* Part class now has isVesselEVA property which handles when vessel is null.
* Add ability to override default flow mode on ModuleResource.
* Add activeEditor attribute to BaseAction to allow these to be disabled.
* Add GameEvent onPartActionNumericSlider when Numeric Slider button is pressed on a PAW.
* Add GameEvent onSceneConfirmExit, runs after user input to leave scene prior to FlightState saving.

1.7.3 Changelog - Breaking Ground 1.2.0 DLC ONLY

+++ Improvements
* Deployed Science Parts will appear under Deployed Science filter and have map nodes if not connected to a Control Station.
* Add Seismic Science Screen Message even if in sandbox game mode.
* Add grip pad Parts.
* Add Propeller Parts.
* Add LF/Air Rotors.
* Add Nose Cones.
* Changed compound part editor behavior to follow robotic parts.
* Changed Rotor Torque to now affect strength and not RPM.
* Re-balanced all rotors.
* Add Extra animations for interacting with Deployed Science.
* Add Surface Features VFX - apply forces.
* Add Kerbal taking rock sample animation.
* Add priority value to KAL - highest priority wins, equal priorities the values are averaged
* Add ability to assign axes controls to KAL.
* Add axis Functions to KAL: Move Up, Move Down, Copy/Paste Row, flip Axis vertical/horizontal, align ends, clamp values.
* Add resize/scale function to KAL.
* Add play speed slider.
* Add additional KSPActions for all servos - engage, disengage, lock, unlock, etc.
* Add shadows LOD settings on Surface Features.

+++ Localization
* Fix for piston showing variant names in English for all languages.
* Fix Action Groups KSPedia page in Japanese.

+++ Parts
New Parts with Variants
* GP-004 Grip Pad.
* GP-036 Grip Pad.
* GP-156 Grip Pad.
* GPS-025 Grip Strip.
* GPS-156 Grip Strip.
* EM-16S Light Duty Rotor.
* EM-32S Standard Rotor.
* EM-64S Heavy Duty Rotor.
* R121 Turboshaft Engine.
* R7000 Turboshaft Engine.
* Propeller Blade Type A.
* Propeller Blade Type B.
* Propeller Blade Type S.
* Helicopter Blade Type A.
* Helicopter Blade Type B.
* Helicopter Blade Type S.
* Tiny Nose Cone.
* Very Small Nose Cone.
* Fixed 36P Hydraulic Cylinder colliders.

+++ Bug Fixes
* Fix kerbal transfer being blocked by scanner arm.
* Fix input locks on EVA kerbals if they ragdoll whilst playing the deployed science part interaction animation.
* Fix EVA kerbals speed when they interact with a deployed science part whilst running or walking.
* Fix Science Completed percentage on deployed science experiment PAWs when they are deployed in an invalid situation.
* Fix Deployed Science experiments continuing to generate science after their Control Station is terminated in the tracking station.
* Fix pistons not starting in correct position at launch when locked in the editor.
* Fix collecting Surface Features failing due to kerbal movement caused by animation.
* Fix excessive EC draw by scanner arm when time warping.
* Fix hinge rotation when using mirror symmetry.
* Fix piston drag not changing as extension changes.
* Fix Deployed Science parts appearing too high above the surface in some situations.
* Fix WCoM math of parts with servo rigidbodies.
* Fix SAS cancelling angular velocity of rotors.
* Fix Robotic Parts Resource information in extended tooltips.
* Fix EVA kerbal speed when interacting with Deployed Science parts.
* Fix default science display in Deployed Science Experiments in invalid experiment situation.
* Fix default 3P6 Hydraulic Cylinder has a noticeable gap when attaching parts to it.
* Fix misspelled word in the description of the Grand Slam Passive Seismometer.
* Fix texture seams are present on Hydraulic Cylinders, Pistons and Servos.
* Fix an NRE is generated when pausing the title at the Space Center after crashing a vessel with a Deployed Seismometer.
* Fix keyboard keys still manipulate gameplay when changing the name of the Track Editor of the Kal-1000 in flight mode and the Editors.
* Fix Geyser and Cryovolcano force is not synced with audio and particles.
* Fix deployed science parts missing 3rd animation.
* Fix Kerbals lose their ROC-hammer after quick loading.
* Fix PQ celestial bodies shadow casting option is not enabled when "Celestial bodies cast shadows" setting is on.
* Fix Rotors not able to reach maximum RPM when un-motorized/motor disabled.
* Fix KAL controlling parts across vessel.
* Fix KAL controller being affected by space bar.
* Fix stage manager display having empty headers in Chinese.
* Fix kerbal Ragdoll with future suits when they stumble.
* Fix rotor joints when node attaching parts to rotors.

+++ Miscellaneous
* Added colliders to the Communotron Ground HG-48 dish.
* Added unfocused capability to CtrlSurface PAW to reinstate easy access for KrakenTech.

+++ Modding
* Changed servo current values (extension/position/angle) to be float fields for mod support.

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