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Matrixxneo User
1. Aug 2019, 12:23 Uhr

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Update v1.5.5.12588:
Updated DigTube.
Added new categories.
Updated the layout.
Added option to display the video version or the text version.
Increased friction on Wash Plants' ladders to reduce the character's sliding.
Added Fuel Consumption parameter to the Store.
Exiting the vehicle should no longer be possible if the character would interfere with collisions or get outside the terrain.
Slightly lowered the ground level under Duplex Jigs' on Nighthawk Valley claim to make it easier to remove buckets.
Reworked Pickup Truck's collision system.
Modified collisions of multiple elements in the game.
Removed several bushes with hitboxes, which are no longer needed after the collisions' rework.
Miner's moss' washing out sound should now be working.
Added missing indicators in Tutorial's Stage 3 and fixed the incorrect ones.
Fixed an issue whereby some LODs wouldn't display lights when observing them from the distance.
Corrected vehicles' lights on various LODs.
Fixed an issue whereby Pickup Truck's engine would sound differently after loading the game, which was saved while the Pickup Truck was working.
Fixed Excavator's working lights texture.
Fixed machines reverse lights' flashing.
Corrected digging sounds.
Corrected Wash Plant Springs' reinforced texture in the Warehouse.
Fixed an issue whereby new Miner's Moss would be filled in 100%.
Added quest task to Tutorial's Stage 3, which requires players to connect the water hose to the Big Water Pump.
Other minor Tutorial fixes.
Corrected factory chimney's smoke emitter on Old Arnold's claim.
Fixed Store's list scrolling on the gamepad.
Cash register's list is now scaled down in the Warehouse if the list is longer then the visible area.
Fixed an issue whereby gamepad would not work after exiting the Machines Store.
Fixed the renting UI dot issue in Machine's Store.
Corrected rusted van's (located near the Bank) hitboxes.
Fixed an issue whereby the water would flow in items placed in Pickup Truck's bed after loading the save.
Fixed an issue whereby the small shovel would appear in the bucket placed in Pickup Truck's bed after loading the save.
Blocked machines' rotation when using Fast Travel.
Fixed an issue whereby Miners Mosses were displayed as broken.
Improved readability of the Internet Radio popup.
Fixed an issue whereby the player could select Fast Travel waypoints on the map on the gamepad even if they were not purchased.
Modified the description of Easy Washplant Placing and Random Events while choosing the difficulty level.
Fixed an issue whereby the rented machine's price would differ every day instead of being fixed for the whole renting period.
Fixed an issue whereby the Pickup Truck would turn invisible after losing the hood and driving to Old Arnold's claim.
Added animation to Start All and Stop All buttons in the Generator.
Added possibility to exit laptop tabs on the keyboard by pressing [Esc].
Fixed Easy Wash Plant Placing issues with certain parts that would not snap correctly.
Fixed an issue whereby Fuel Tank's brake wouldn't work on hills.
Fixed an issue whereby Transport Crate's physics would behave incorrectly when driving over them with Pickup Truck.
Fixed an issue whereby quick-loading the game while panning could cause the game to freeze.
Added Excavator's Leaderboard skin to Top 10 Leaderboards Season 3 players' account.
Fixed an issue whereby Worker's Hire and Upgrade buttons could be selected despite having no Workers.
The prompt informing about the Wash Plant's Mats or Buckets being full is no longer displayed if there are Workers assigned to them.
When opening the map it will now always center on the Pickup Truck if the player is inside it.
Corrected machines' light textures.
Corrected Excavators' and Frankenstein's collisions with claims borders.
Fixed an issue whereby Total Cost on the laptop would reflect the machines' price.
The snow texture is no longer displayed on several items, including Small Trailer's Wheel, Water Splitter, Matt Holder, etc.
Added shadows to School building.
Fixed an issue whereby Main Menu's upper tabs would not be highlighted.
The Head Lamp is no longer turned off after entering and exiting the vehicle.
Fixed an issue whereby active selection in Lease and Buy tabs would skip an element on the gamepad.
All driveable machines now have a direction arrow on the Map.
Fixed an issue whereby the broken Water Tower would have status icons displayed.
Fixed an issue whereby the drill could break despite having Machine Failures option disabled.
Added the option to sort elements in the Laptop Stores.
Reorganization of certain items' location in Store tabs.
Fixed an issue whereby changing the active Worker on the machine would cause the game to freeze.
The controls for switching tools on the gamepad should now be working correctly.
Added option to sort machines in the Machine Store.
Fixed an issue whereby a quest marker would disappear upon loading the game.
Added Reinforced Hydraulic Rotator to the Store.
Fixed an issue whereby renting Machines in the Heavy Equipment Park would be blocked on the gamepad.
Fixed an issue whereby pouring water from the Bucket to the Hog Pan Pump wouldn't wash out the dirt.
Fixed an issue whereby Bank loan wouldn't work on the gamepad.
Fixed an issue whereby the Toolbox would appear when pressing [Z] on the keyboard while using a vehicle.
Fixed an issue whereby it was possible to pick up and replace Miners Moss from the Sluicebox without removing Miners Grill First.
Fixed an issue whereby Engine's sound wouldn't play after quick-loading.
Corrected information about Easy Washplant Placing when starting a new game on Normal and Hard. It is now marked as "Off/Blocked".
Disabled all remaining Steam Cloud Synch options, that could cause the game to crash.
Fixed an issue whereby lifting the Shaker wouldn't be possible when attaching cables on top.
Some Tutorial quest values are now calculated based on maximum summer prices, to avoid situation in which the player gathers less money than necessary to purchase all the equipment.
Fixed an issue on the laptop whereby Used Slots counter on the claim would reset each time the player makes a purchase.
Added marker to the Tutorial's Small Water Pump task.
Removed unnecessary consumption values from certain items in the Store.
Fixed an issue whereby pressing [Z] while creating a Save would open keybindings bar.
Corrected Low Voltage Extension Cord texture.
Corrected Handbrake prompt.
Corrected some windows' textures.
Added missing prompt to the Tutorials' last prologue task.
Darkened tire marks on claims to fit the others.
fixed an issue whereby Store Quantity values would remain visible after the purchase.
Blocked possibility to enable Mouse Digging Mode in Tutorial's prologue.
Other minor UI fixes.
Updated translations.

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