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1. Aug 2019, 19:36 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.0.33:
Critical fixes:
Myles story about the rat king no longer freezes the dialogue interface.
Fixed the colliders at Henry's study that allowed players to get stuck.
A character that shouldn't appear on the third week no longer appears on that week.
Spending money on repairing Lucas' inner bookshop now removes money from wallet as intended.

Lesser fixes:
Fixed a collider in the last scene that allowed players to walk over certain assets.
Tweaked other minor colliders.
Game version no longer appears during the opening cinematic.
It's now possible to skip the opening cinematic.
Kites now disappear from the shop when you buy them during a certain event.
Violinists now appear in the park.
Fixed an incorrect layer sorting during the final scene.
Pronouns should now change as intended on the first Journal edition.
Corrected the amount required by Wallace during certain event (both in dialogue and journal).
Fixed some small bugs on character routines.
Personal journal should always display not completed quests first now.
August now has a different line if you talk with him again after choosing certain option on one of Myle's events.

Style changes:
"Thomas:" no longer appears during Thomas' first event (this happened in the Spanish version).
Fixed a typo when asking about the church at the city hall (this happened in the Spanish version).
Emily no longer says she's always around her trolley (and gives some additional hints about her routine).

Update 4:
Critical fixes:
After reviewing player feedback, time will now fully stop when talking with a character.
Fixed a bug in Myle's routine that prevented him from reaching his house at the end of the day.
Fixed a bug that would trigger Dana's portrait when talking to Doris after completing one of her tasks.
The whole logic of Dana's second party has been reviewed and should work properly now.
Certain Lucas' event that only makes sense within the bookshop should now trigger only when in the bookshop.
Fixed one of Myles' lines that could freeze the dialogue interface.

Lesser fixes:
Emily's house now displays a light effect only if you have the key.
The visual effects in the inner part of the bookshop have been tweaked.
When there's a document on the screen the UI now hints the button players need to press to close that document.
Fixed a small bug in the transparency shader.
Fixed the placement of some seagulls.
Fixed the position of some NPCs during Wallace's gala.
Fixed a visual glitch that triggered while seating in some benches.
Corrected the position of the UI arrows on the fast travel interface.
Tweaked Gail's position on one of her events.
Lloyd no longer asks you to visit his shop on a Sunday. He now says he's near his shop.
Traders you haven't met should no longer appear in the final scene.

Style changes:
The format tags on Juliet's second letter should no longer be visible.

Update 3:
Critical fixes:
End credits now work in all screen resolutions.
Players are now reminded how much money they carry before choosing a dilogue option that requires money.
Added a hint for the reading interface. This interface can be activated when a document is on screen. Not everyone was using this feature and we realized it needed additional hints.
Fixed a bug that prevented some video settings from being saved if screen resolution hadn't been changed.

Lesser fixes:
Doors now have a brighter light effect so they're easier to spot.
Fixed a bug that made the character get stuck when entering a small alley using a gamepad.
When user presses "apply changes" on the menu it now goes back to the previous menu as visual feedback that a change has been made.
Limited maximum FPS to 60.


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