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Matrixxneo User
9. Aug 2019, 20:46 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.004:
Significantly reduced waiting times between turns late game
Added edge scrolling; disabled by default (setting can be found in the Controls options)
Added a button to randomize the commander names in commander customization
Added an option to ‘Force Fast Combat Animations’ in the Options > Combat UI menu.
Changing the language of the launcher now automatically updates the language setting for the game.
Fixed startup hang when the installation folder contains non-ansi characters; this affected some of our Chinese, Japanese and Rusian players.
Other general stability improvements; including some of the most commonly reported crashes.
Various text fixes in multiple languages
Improved various Imperial Archives entries to provide additional and clearer information.
Fixed that Steam invites to a password protected lobby would fail and show an “incorrect password” message.
Renamed the invert combat camera rotation/zoom settings to X/Y axis. These 2 settings now support the mouse rotation in combat.

Fixed a problem that under rare circumstances the “Find the Propovus Lab” quest in the second Kir’Ko mission (Xa’Kir’Ko) could not be completed. Players that ran into the problem will need to re-enter the “Propovus” Xenoplague Labs sector with one of their armies to complete the quest.
Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in looping story messages after meeting the Psi-Fish in the first Kir’Ko mission (Arcadia Caeleste).
Fixed an issue where the player could not complete a quest to ally Chin Til’Trz in the second Vanguard mission, if he already allied Chin Til’Trz before receiving the quest. Affected players need to wait for a new turn for the quest to complete.

Added icons to operations on the Research screen to clearly show whether they are tactical, strategic or doctrine operations.
Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes offer peace and make war at the same time with players who are in the run for multiple victory conditions at the same time.
Removed a line of text from the message that appears when a call to war is declined; to make the message clearer.
Fixed a crash when the AI tried to denounce a player without having any Casus Belli to denounce with.
Fixed that locating a sector that is being demanded by an NPC faction would close the demand screen.
Fixed that the player could not declare war on an NPC faction while being in an Integrated (Highest) relation state with them.
Fixed that the Hasher SMG hero weapon was missing particles and sounds when being fired.
Sectors are no longer tradeable if they are annexed to a colony that is occupied.
Trade analysis text has been changed to the following format “Trade analysis: good deal for you” to help clarify that this analysis is targeted at the player and is not something the (AI) player on screen is saying.
Fixed crash in tactical combat when switching to nearby units while another unit is destroying an obstacle.
Now you no longer receive race relation penalties at the start of a Fixed Teams session due to starting wars, to prevent negative relations from the start. Note: This only applies to newly created scenarios.
Completing the last item in a city production queue now keeps the remaining production, rather than wasting it.

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