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Matrixxneo User
13. Aug 2019, 21:00 Uhr

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Update v1.4.21:
Reduced occurrence of desync on multiplayer games
Gameplay effect tooltips should no longer disappear
Systems should no longer become mutinous while affected by the Joy Initiative hero skill.
Players no longer randomly lose allied status with minor factions
Vodyani no longer lose “brainwashed” status with minor factions when eliminating other Vodyani empires
Vodyani “Core Vessels” law no longer lowers food output when it was already negative
The “Engine Masking” reward of the “What’s This?” UC quest now functions properly
Hero ships can no longer use Boarding Defense modules
Basryxo “Bountiful Byproducts” effect is now applied correctly and will no longer lower your Industry
The “Munchie Madness” Quest will no longer ask the player to reach a negative amount of Food
Depleted planets now correctly display the malus for being depleted
Text will no longer overflow in the Event Notification of “Smoking Gun – Part 1”
Fixed certain "per phase" ship modules not applying their effect in the final phase

Universal Aerodynamic (Era 4) now grants +3 Command Points
Autonomous construction (Era 2) now grants +1 Command Point per unlocked Hull Type
Added Command Point bonuses to Era Unlocks of the Military Quadrant
Fleet accelerator modules can only be equipped on hero ships.
Increased the strategic/luxury cost of the fleet accelerator modules from 3 to 6
Repair Module Repair After Battle and Repair After Phase values reduced
Shield Module and Flotilla Shield Module Energy Defense and Shield Capacity values increased
Hull Plating Module Projectile Defense and Health Bonus values increased

Governments and Laws
Federation's over colonization threshold now increases only with heroes that represent the political parties currently in the senate.
Democracy now grants 10% law upkeep and activation cost reduction per law enacted instead of 5%
Added a one-time cost to activate laws in addition to the upkeep
Saints & Sinners now gives +20 Approval on all Systems and an additional +20 Approval on Systems with governors

Dust Production and Inflation
Inflation now affects upkeep at a reduced value scaled based on the number of empires you are currently at war with

Influence Production
Culture Center influence percentage bonus reduced (20% -> 15%), +40 per system level unmodified
Body Language Institute influence percentage bonus reduced (+10% -> 5%)
Introduced 2 Influence per pop upkeep for Trade Agreements and Science Agreement
Increased Science Treaty per turn growth rate (5 -> 10) and maximum science gain (450 -> 750)
Treaties that have an upkeep cost will get cancelled if the user is not able to maintain the upkeep (just like laws)

FIDSI malus from Resource Recoverers now applies on ALL systems and not only main system.
The Hissho ground battle outcome Occupy now takes 15 Keii
The Hissho ground battle outcome Subdue gives no keii
The Hissho ground battle outcome Raze now gives 5 Keii
Added a one-time Keii cost to most peaceful treaties

Adjusted cost of firing Obliterator shots
Obliterators can only be fired if you are at war with the target
Added Adamantian and Antimatter cost to Obliterator shots
Increased cost of Obliterator shots
Doubled cooldown time of Obliterators
Added an empire-wide malus of -20% Influence and -40 approval for 4 turns to firing obliterators
Increased economic bonuses of the Citadel (+10% Industry and Science -> 20% Food, Industry, Science, and +10% Influence)
Economic bonuses of the Citadel now display in the research tooltip
Decreased Behemoth C3 Center cost multiplier (x2.0 -> x1.5)
Added a confirmation prompt with a preview of upkeep changes when queuing Behemoth C3 Centers

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13. Aug 2019, 20:58 Uhr
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