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Matrixxneo User
31. Aug 2019, 12:26 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.30:
New Features

Added new Weekly Challenge Mode - This is a separate playlist that offers a combination of three unique gameplay modifiers, which rotate every week
Successfully completing weekly challenges will reward you with Challenge Coins.
This special currency is spent on unlocking customization options such as character skins, headgear, backpack attachments and more
Added Character Outfit Customization feature
Added skins, headgear and backpack attachments for each character
Added new Classic Battle Rifle weapon and its variants
Added Biohazard DLC weapon variants

Players under masking effects will no longer get hit by zombies that are attacking other teammates
The Bull special zombie will not grab players under masking effects even if he was charging at another player and the masked player was in his way
The Bull and Lurker special zombies will no longer deal instant damage when grabbing players, providing a small window to prevent damage if the special zombies are quickly killed by teammates
Quality of Life

Added option to swap triggers and buttons on a controller
Added option to toggle aim
Added option to toggle crouch
Players will be able to sprint if they are holding sprint button as soon as sprint stamina is regenerated. Previously players had to depress and press sprint button again

Weapon stats progress bars now more accurately display actual gameplay stats. This resulted in some visual changes across all weapons. However, actual gameplay stats did not change
PvE assists are now rewarded for these actions:
Healing teammates with a stim pistol
Healing teammates with a medkit
Saving a teammate who has been grabbed
Reviving a teammate
Teammates using your supply bag
Killing Infector that infected your teammate
Added ping display in PvP
Minor UI and localization fixes

Pump Action Shotgun. Increased damage by 7%.
Combat Shotgun. Increased rate of fire by 25%.
Compact Shotgun. Increased rate of fire by 25%. Increased damage by 5% for versions 4 and 5.
BF25 Payload Rifle. Increased damage by 25%. Improved version is also affected and has 50% more ammo
Improved Stun Gun aiming at point blank distances
Improved effectiveness of vertical Voltage Grid defense kit

Fixed several gameplay crashes

Fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels
General fixes

Fixed Bullet Dodger perk which was giving friendly fire resistance for an inconsistent amount of time
Fixed issue that caused newly acquired weapons to have less than full ammunition in some cases
Fixed issue that kept the “Clear Infection� prompt from being displayed on the HUD if player was using melee
Crossbow bolts will now explode properly if fired by an AI bot (no friendly fire, don’t worry)
Fixed Stun Gun dealing inconsistent amounts of damage
Fixed issue that caused already burnt gasoline barrels and puddles to appear as targets for aim assist target selection
Chainsaw will no longer waste fuel if used against dead bodies
Fixed issue with scoreboard staying on screen in outro cinematics
Fixed issue that caused players to be unable to shoot while being healed in some cases
Fixed issue with shotguns sometimes reloading 2 extra rounds in one reload cycle
Fixed Infector spit effect staying on the screen after respawn
Igniting gasoline puddles, using Taser and throwing Molotovs will no longer fail stealth checks
Fixed issue with “zombies are close� warning sound triggering incorrectly
Angel no longer loses his head during cinematics
PC Specific Fixes

Player can now switch shoulders when aiming with Dual Sights Sniper Rifle

Added option to disable Vulkan Dynamic Resolution in video settings
Added option to disable Vulkan FidelityFX CAS in video settings

ugurano22 User
25. Okt 2019, 20:20 Uhr
seit dem es kein Tunngle mehr gibt, kan man auch kein Lan mehr spielen schade, sonst ein tolles spiel zum Kaufen

mrpi User
26. Okt 2019, 08:10 Uhr
Gibt ja so ähnliche Sachen wie tunngle? Geht es damit nicht?

ugurano22 User
26. Okt 2019, 16:09 Uhr
mrpi schrieb:
Gibt ja so ähnliche Sachen wie tunngle? Geht es damit nicht?

habe nichts gefunden, Tunngle wahr das beste

bl4ckOut User
26. Okt 2019, 19:08 Uhr
Hamachi funzt als Alternative wunderbar.

ugurano22 User
5. Nov 2019, 21:50 Uhr
du brauchst aber dafür Leute, die ich zumbeispiel nicht habe, sonst gehts es bestimmt.

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