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Matrixxneo User
31. Aug 2019, 13:25 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Pro Cycling Manager 2019 v1.0.5.5 Update changelog:

You can now access directly the Pro Cycling Manager Guide through either the F1 button on your keyboard or with the help icon (represented by a “i” on the different menus).
The guide is also available online through a new website http://guide-pcm.cyanide-studio.com/?lang=en#content.

Pro Cycling Manager 2019 v1.0.5.4 Update changelog:

Bug fixes

Major bug fix on contract dates computation leading to abnormal losses of cyclists in teams
Major bug fix which was preventing the pro cyclist to join the team he signed with
Fixed the possibility to duplicate a cyclist when creating a custom team
Fixed cyclist position display in groups or peloton
Fixed 4k display issues
Fixed round winner display in submode Sprint of mode Track
Improved Multiplayer chat usability
Cyclists no longer wear Individual Time-Trial jersey in Team Time-Trial stages

Note: The bug preventing from handling the pro cyclist's training curve is a direct consequence of the pro cyclist having no team

Pro Cycling Manager 2019 v1.0.5.2 Update changelog:

Crash fixed during Pro Cyclist Team Time Trial Simulations,
Fixed an issue with the advanced backup save system, where players could lose cyclists in World Tour,
Fixed a problem related to the bad initialization of contracts (end of contract + role) with certain teams.

Database – Modding
Added a row to the modded database,
Following the tragedy at the Tour of Poland, we’ve made the decision to remove Bjorg Lambrecht (Lotto Soudal) from the game. We offer our deepest condolences to his loved ones.

Graphic pre-sets have been added to the drop-down menu,
You can now see the records pages of other races in career mode.

Crashes Linux-Proton
Fixed a crash during falls in 3D races,
Fixed a crash for Linux players x58.

Pro Cycling Manager 2019 v1.0.5.2 Update changelog:

The calendar now displays a maximum of three races at the same time,
Solved an issue where when a cyclist was alone, his position in the group was indicated as “back of the group”,
Added a confirmation notification when you remove a user from your friends list,
Fixed a issue where some Jerseys were missing a region,
Replaced the “Quit” option with the option to return to menu during 3D races,
Fixed an issue where during the middle of the race the pictograms GPM / SPRINT / START / END would pop-up.

Refusing a ranked matchmaking match does not cancel the current search,
Added the ping icon to the multiplayer game page,
Added an option, showing how many players are looking for a ranked race, as well as the minimum number required for a race to begin.

Updated statistics following the Tour de France.

Bug Fixes
Updated the Pro Cyclist creation tutorial (the age of the Pro Cyclist is set at 19 on PCM19),
Fixed a bug regarding remaining distance display for users on the 1366 × 768 resolution,
Fixed a bug that was making it impossible to use more than half more than 25 trading points as of August 1st,
Fixed a bug on the transfers / teams page,
Fixed a bug regarding the lighting of spectators,
Fixed a bug related to light and shadow, where spectators in the lights would pass as if they’re in the shade 300m from the camera player,
Fixed a bug where there would be no spectators in the 3D race for several stages in sprint 17,
Pro Cyclist Creation: Fixed color bars that floating above the main and secondary axes,
Results page: Added space between the icons in the results page for each ranking,
Pro Cyclist Creation: Header title has been corrected so that it is not centered in relation to others.

Resolved the meter problem to indicate the winner of a round in Sprint mode.


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