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Matrixxneo User
10. Sep 2019, 16:57 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.2.4 Megapatch:
Updated the dialogue and sfx for the Doll when she is caught
Fixed a bug where the dolls are loaded in the epilogue.
Fixed a bug where the dolls are spawned in and after prison level
Fixed a bug where Doll events triggers during or immediately after player exits a safe room
Added new tab in Journal under evidence to explain about the dolls
The dolls no longer walk around until the Monster is released
Added two new tutorial audio references to the dolls
The dolls shouldn't appear until at least 1min after the player exits the safe room
The Memory locations last 2x longer after catching a doll
Updated the Idle animation for the burnt doll
Reduced the activation time for the burnt doll scare by 50% to give less time for players to react so the scare is more impactful
Removed the dolls in Part 2
Despawns the dolls when the monster is chasing after the player
Fixed a case where the normal dolls spawned lying down

Updated the last room in the prison puzzle to be more inviting
Added a mannequin activation sfx so players are less confused when it occurs
Updated each theme with more varied mannequins
Added a new fog system for all themes
Updated the LUT so the game feels more noir
Implemented a general cannot use sfx for abilities to make them consistent across the board
Implemented cannot use messages for tracking attempt during the Ivy scare
Implemented cannot use message for Focus while under mannequin augments
Implemented static tracking kick count, so that the player is kicked from tracking after a consistent number of attempts instead of an increased chances of being kicked
Implemented a standardized gfx and sfx for initializing AoE Mannequin Augments
Fixed a bug where the Master Key does not glow on hover
Fixed a bug where stars pickups are brighter after hovering on them
Fixed a bug that prevents players from viewing their trailer in the Final Theatre
Fixed a bug that caused incorrect Mannequin Augment to be spawned in specific levels
Fixed a bug that caused the Mannequin Augment accessories to not be spawned on a static mannequin model
Added two new tutorial audio references to Mannequin Augments

"Click to Continue" feature added instead of a timer system so players have a chance to read the loading splash
Made HUD ability name text 2 pts larger so it's easier to read on a larger screen
Standardized the positioning and sizing for collectable item splashes
Updated Script behaviour in the Detective Room so it no longer asks "Continue?"
Updated the repair effect in the HUD
Increased the size for the HUD's Repair Icon, Return Icon and Sightswap Icon
Lined up repair kit icon and text so it matches the other resources
HUD's flashlight now only turns red when the player cannot use the flashlight (decoupled from Flash ability)
Cannot flash now shows in safe rooms
Made objective text in HUD slightly larger
Made title and story text in the loading screen larger
Ability icons in HUD no longer appear in a safe room
The use ability hotkey no longer shows when the player is in a safe room
Updated evidence section in the Journal so the last unlock won't show instead of crossed out when the player hasn't unlocked it
Updated the "Cannot Use" icon for Focus and return to be bigger and centred on the eye
Character select should now say "unlocked" for the selected character rather than "completed"
If the monster hasn't spawned yet and the player Focuses, the scanning bar text shows a different text, the hotkey is turned off, and the "Cannot Icon" will be shown
Script icon on the left column is made slightly bigger and updated with a new icon

Fixed a bug where the prison boss becomes invisible
Fixed a bug where the player can toggle light when they are in final boss kill mode
Fixed a bug where final boss death grunt is cut off
When stabbing the boss, it no longer shows a message on how much has been killed
Ability icons in HUD no longer appear when the player is the monster

Fixed a case where the Script was showing up in the PT2 of each theme when it should be disabled
Fixed a case where the Script was not glowing in Safe Rooms when being hovered over
Fixed all Mannequins so their textures are now being shown correctly to avoid confusion
Fixed all Mannequins so their analyzed data corresponds to what is shown in-game
Fixed a bug where loadout menu item can become stuck after spamming equip/unequip
Fixed a bug where the chase ends prematurely while the player is in focus
Fixed bug where abilities icon background in HUD wasn't cleaning up properly if nothing is equipped
Updated mannequin information so it now displays properly the actual effects of the mannequins the player scanned
When the player dies, it'll no longer show any hint messages on screen and cleans them up
Fixed a fatigue display bug where it shows up despite the HUD being shattered
Fixed a case where the player used final flash and picks up a charge right after, this makes them unable to use the flashlight until it’s fully charged

Fixed the monster sticky behaviour when the player is very close to alleviating rubberbanding
Implemented a feature to allow Dahlia projections to be destroyed for 15 seconds by flashing
Reduced Dahlia damage distance to make them less oppressive
Implemented specific wait durations for each of the monster scares
Fixed a bug where the monster sticks to the player even though the player is hidden
Implemented an additional chase condition when the player deposits Memories into the Safe Room Doors
Implemented an additional chase condition when the player exits the Lost Room after collecting the Master Key

Changed prison puzzle, so the Doll in the mannequin's lap in the Lost Room no longer spawns after completing the puzzle for narrative consistency
Updated film set puzzle's completed picture instead of showing a white picture
Made the symbols in Lobby Puzzle larger so it's easier to see on the clock's face

Fixed a bug where the knife model is still present after killing other players in a given round in MP
Implemented standardized vignette gfx for being hidden
Implemented blood gfx when stabbing is performed by the player
Fixed a bug where flashing gfx/sfx in MP is inconsistently played between server/clients
Knife icon is now given at the beginning of every round

Updated the Curse Image to be consistent with the rest of the UI design
Updated the Level Up! And EXP UI textures to be more clear
Updated the low res images used for vinyls in the Journal and main menu
Added the Dolls Graphic for the Journal
Updated misc textures and shaders on a large batch of assets to make them look better and optimized
Updated the Evidence graphics used in the Journal to be black and white to match their visual counterpart in-game

Disabled the light probes for all Traps, so it’s texture, doesn’t clash with the theme
Disabled the light probes for all Memory Stations, so it’s texture, doesn’t clash with the theme
Disabled the light probes for all Mannequins so it’s texture doesn’t clash with the theme
Disabled the light probes for all Environment, so it’s texture, doesn’t clash with the theme
Updated the texture for the Star pickups so it doesn’t look as dark
Added proper normal maps for each mannequin type so they look less flat
Fixed the emission values of the reels in the projector so it doesn’t clash with the room
Updated the Lost & Found Room Door texture to more visually consistent
Fixed the flow on the Prison Door so it's no longer red all the time
Fixed a Marie model display issue in the red carpet car ride
Film Set puzzle starting lights light up properly to the sequence as the player enters the room rather than the emission being on

Updated the audio mixer used to make all audio feel more dynamic
Fixed all known audio issues for all the themes
Fixed all known audio issues for Lost and Found rooms
Added missing sfx for opening the Script in Safe Rooms
Added missing door unlocked sfx in each theme so players will now know when they used a key
Implemented sfx occlusion for illusion walls
Fixed the Focus end sfx
Implemented looped sfx for the Memory Station processing progression
Fixed a bug where projector looped sfx plays in the loading screen
Fixed a bug where the chase music is interrupted when entering into a safe room
Fixed a bug where the doorknob sfx is occluded during door opening

Made exp gain on the HUD bigger so Japanese and Chinese "EXP" doesn't look squished
The epilogue loading screen now translates properly into other languages
Updated localizations for all languages
Made subtitles a bit higher up on the UI layer so it'll show up after the player selected their story
Made the Movie Editor's director's instructions a little bit larger so it fits nicer for other languages
Fixed a mismatch localization in the option menu

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10. Sep 2019, 13:49 Uhr
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