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Matrixxneo User
10. Sep 2019, 21:52 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.7.0:
From the Community
Fixed a formatting problem with the json for the PNT-9R
Updated the Hatchetman HCT-3X faction so that it is part of more lore relevant enemy lances
Fixed an issue where the ‘Double Agent’ Flashpoint awarded the wrong faction reputation
The Packrat now moves as a light wheeled vehicle
Stock lances in skirmish mode are no longer duplicated in the dropdown when the budget is unlimited
Several libraries for Ubuntu Linux users are now installed along with the game by default

Improved AI’s ability to avoid a potential ECM exploit
ECM carriers will now work harder at keeping their allies cloaked
Further pathing fixes for several missions where the AI could become stuck
Updated lance role tags for a number of ‘Mechs (such as “tank�, “sniper�, “scout�, etc.)
Combat Performance Improvements

Particle system optimization
UI rendering optimization

Map Graphics
Many small map polish fixes - closing seams, grounding assets, clipping corrections, etc.

Fixed a bug where an event may reference a random star system rather than the currently orbited one

Re-balanced the Attack/Defend encounter type

Fixed many small grammar and translation errors

Improvements to missile trajectories

Balance adjustments to the Kamea story campaign:

Lowered mechwarrior hiring cost

Increased payout in c-bills for contracts

Increased base salvage for contracts

Increased the frequency of non-weapon rare items in salvage

Increased the starting cbills from 980k to 1000k

Increased the starting morale from 25 to 28

Increased MechWarrior XP per mission from 400 to 500

Updated difficulty settings to match new defaults

FIxed an issue where certain sounds on Urban maps would persist after save/load

FIxed an issue where player ‘Mechs could not melee units cloaked within an ECM field

The 'White Lies' Flashpoint is now available during career mode as well as after completing the campaign

Fixed an issue where buildings could collapse while they still had health

Fixed the contract results page for the ‘Hearts and Minds’ Flashpoint with the correct objectives

FIxed an issue where ally defense turrets would not turn on in Attack and Defend - Retaliation contracts

FIxed an issue where attacks would pass through buildings without causing stray shot damage

Gyro+++ component gameplay effects can no longer be stacked

Fixed an issue where Pre and Post mission autosaves would not properly generate for procedural contracts when any Flashpoint was active

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10. Sep 2019, 21:24 Uhr
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