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Matrixxneo User
16. Sep 2019, 20:59 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.28:
Limited the max # of pets displayable in the “Pet Party” hud element, so they don’t take up the entire screen

Paladin’s “Advanced” innate bonus (blocking empowers next damaging skill) now applies to Shield Slam too
Spears now have a new inherent effect: basic attacks pierce 25% of target’s resistance (depending on the Spear’s damage type)
The second Spear weapon mastery now has an additional effect: Spears will strike two targets at once in a line (so if you attack at range 2, it hits the one in between, if you attack in melee, it hits the target behind)
An Axe in your offhand will now correctly execute the 360 degree attack that all Axes have
Adding Skill Orbs to Legendary and Relic items now takes 2x the JP
(Legend of Shara) Default max # of mods on relics is now 3 instead of 4. Higher rank relics can reach up to 5, rather than 6, unless you’re in the Tower of Ordeals!
(Legend of Shara) The final boss of Tower of Ordeals now drops two relics!

Monsters should no longer exceed the “Happiness” threshold after breeding
Fixed bugs related to job & feat unlocks using wrong data from other save slots instead of the selected slot
Fixed incorrect text output when Cat’ie bonks a pet on the head
Fixed some ground effects not being flagged correctly as reducing defense
Fixed various status effects added by gear not reading the correct originating actor as the Hero on load. This made some statuses like “increased block chance with even gold amount” not work correctly.
Fixed mod viewer not maintaining scroll position past the first page of mods.
When dueling your pet, your pet should no longer harass your other corral pets
Fixed bug with Sword Dancer’s tier 2 emblem effect that was supposed to auto-attack enemies when pulled or pushed by them.
Fixed bug where trying to put a Skill Orb on an item via Dreamcaster would sometimes display a success rate of 0% regardless of JP added
(Legend of Shara) Relic quivers should no longer use a shield icon
(Legend of Shara) Ranged relic weapons should no longer spawn with Parry mods
(Legend of Shara) Relics shields should now properly have physical damage reduction
(Legend of Shara) The “Eat Weapon” ability of Mimics should no longer be inheritable
(Legend of Shara) You should no longer be warned about failing a rumor while in a Mystery Dungeon.
(Legend of Shara) You should no longer find Orbs of Reverie in Wanderer’s Journeys where you can’t use them or carry them out
(Legend of Shara) Attempted fix for bug where relics would sometimes be capable of getting more magic mods via Dreamcaster than originally intended.
(Legend of Shara) Fixed bug where Mystery Kings would sometimes not drop relics. Sorry!

Switched to a new typewriter text function, should be much more CPU-efficient now

Monsters will now drop all items they are carrying if hit with a Monster Mallet. This should prevent situations like your weapon being eaten by a Mimic, never to be retrieved again.
You should no longer receive a popup about entering Savage World once you have already seen it at least once.

(Legend of Shara) The “Armillary Mirrors” effect no longer says “Armillary Mirrors” in the log if you are using a relic with that effect

Update v1.27:
The benefits of the second Dagger Mastery have been reduced from +10% dual wielding accuracy/damage to +7.5% (per hand).
Using a Lightweight weapon or a Claw in your offhand is now a little worse than before, by about 5%. However, if your offhand weapon is both Lightweight AND Claw, it’s still as effective as before.
(Legend of Shara) Slightly bumped up the average monster level in Temple of Elements, along with respawn rate. Also, shops now appear a little less frequently (25% chance per floor, down from 33%)
(Legend of Shara) The base weapon power of all Relics has been reduced by 15%, prior to any other modifiers, multipliers, flat enhancements etc. Since Relics are already pretty strong, this seems reasonable.
(Legend of Shara) Default armor, shield, quiver, and magic mod values have also been reduced slightly for Relics.
(Legend of Shara) The “Precise Finish” skill now grants +35% JP, gold, and XP (up from +20%) when landing a finishing blow with the skill

You should no longer riposte while under the effects of Paladin’s Sanctuary
“Heavy” magic mod should now correctly show the CT penalty when hovering over the item
Fairy’s Choker (20% chance to reduce random cooldown by 1 turn when attacked) should work again
Fixed issue with certain directional-based status effects causing game errors occasionally
Savage World / New Game+ selection should work reliably now on main branch (was only working properly on beta, most of the time)
Gambler’s “Wild Cards” ability should now properly test Aces valued as both “1” and max value for the purposes of Straights etc.
Bred monsters should now have the correct Family in all cases
Visual fix for bug w/ ending scenes/credits where gameplay leaked through
Attempted fix for bug where portals were not always created when leaving an Item Dream
Fixed bug with Talrose the Painter sometimes telling you to go to the wrong place
When interacting with the food cart, you should no longer see “Sale Value: 0g”
Fixed some garbage text in the log related to the food cart
(Legend of Shara) Fixed game error that occurred with the “Shard” relic affix (negate magical damage, gain spirit buff)
(Legend of Shara) Attempted fix for Obsidian Band affix on relics that was causing problems when stacked (it should not stack)
(Legend of Shara) Attempted fix for rare bug related to Shara’s Dominate power
(Legend of Shara) Fixed bug where Relics could be permanently lost if eaten by a Mimic, then saving+quitting
(Legend of Shara) Fixed bug where items with the “Does not interfere with offhand fighting” mod were not working on Relics correctly

You can now duel (roughhouse) with your corral pet, in Riverstone Grove. Just use the appropriate pet command. When dueling, you cannot actually defeat your pet (or vice versa). After the duel, you both will be cleared of all temporary negative statuses, and restored to pre-duel Health.

Considerable work on DLC2!

Up to 12 buffs/debuffs can now be displayed (up from 8/8)


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