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Matrixxneo User
17. Sep 2019, 07:41 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.4.4:
Minor Changes/Bug Fixes
Fixed issue where Tonauac would sometimes lock into a dialogue loop in the Avian Mission
Fixed keypad clues sometimes only displaying <PASSWORD> instead of correct code on bounty missions

Update v1.4.3:
Minor Changes/Bug Fixes
Fix rendering issue on some AMD video cards
Added a graphics option to disable multi texturing (multi texturing was added in 1.4.2, causing slowdown on some hardware)
Higher chance for high value bounties to end on planets
Higher chance for high value bounties to include a vault step
Reject connections from players joining with an unknown species
Fix issues related to using the bounty board in multiplayer
Add more descriptive text when interacting with a bounty board you can't be assigned to

Update v1.4.2:
Use jemalloc with linux build (fixes some memory leak issues on linux)
Fix issue where tile rendering slows down if the game is reloaded a lot
Increase tile renderer texture atlas size, may speed up tile rendering in some cases
Implement multi texturing support, may fix some issues with rendering framerate
Fix issue (introduced in 1.4) where images with lots of directives would further slow down rendering in some circumstances
Fix vault guardians not spawning
Fix NPCs ignoring movement impairing effects (glue gun, stun grenade)
Fix NPCs always facing in their movement direction while moving
Fix issue where NPCs wouldn't attack while moving
Fix some issues related to player crouching
Fix issue where some occasus cultists were not human
Fix issue where tutorial bounty could point you to the wrong location
Fix issue where the sports car would be invisible while spawning
Fix issue where guard tenants always spawn at level 4 or above
Fix issue where the player can end up equipping the same item in both hands (causing the game to crash, and corrupt the save file)
Fix issue where the boat wouldn't rock in the wind, as intended
Fix issue where Novakid are not fullbright on other people's clients
Fix issue where the Trictus would only attack in one direction
Fix issue where pathfinding wasn't working for flying entities
Fix issue where the heavy drone monster would die if the player is out of sight
Don't allow script contexts to access or set the metatable for global lua standard library tables
Remove F8 as a default keybinding for reloading the game
Play "no atmosphere" SAIL message only if the player position has no air
Remove damage from stun grenade
Remove stray dirt block from bounty vault
Make neo laser weapons dropped by gang members scale to their level
If the bounty station disappears for whatever reason (save data corruption), a new assignment quest will be given to the player on startup or on entering their assigned system
Bounty text fixes
Large number of miscellaneous fixes to images, text typos, configs, etc. (Thank you to jss2a98j on discord for reporting a big list of errors)
New Wargroove themed decorations: Cherrystone Banner, Felheim Banner, Floran Banner, Heavensong Banner

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16. Sep 2019, 19:21 Uhr
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